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January 5, 2017

Happy New Year dear readers! I took a pretty long blog and social media break over the festive season and I really needed it. After a pretty tough and tiring year both personally, professionally and of course on a much wider scale it was nice to spend the season with people I loved, eating good food, drinking too much and sharing our hopes that 2017 has just got to be better.

I know it’s cheesy, but I really love the #2016bestnine craze on Instagram. It’s such a nice, easy way to take a snapshot of the year and looking through the photos brings back old memories from the past 12 months. It’s also a great way to attract more followers, as people can see your best pictures of the past year in one post and this may inspire them to follow you. Of course, you could just use an Instagram growth tool – with Upleap tested (and positively reviewed) by Platypus Reviews, that’s probably the best one to use. Nevertheless, the #2016bestnine is a fun way of gaining a few follows.

It was surprising to see how different my 2016 best nine was from my 2015 one, I noticed more rainbow brights and better composition.

I thought, like I did last year, I’d share the story behind my most popular pics from the last 12 months.

#2016BestNine Instagram yellow feather blog autum weekend mornings flat lay

This gram is a recent one of a typical autumnal weekend morning. Coffee, candles and a good book or TV show while snuggled up in bed. I have packed away my Christmas decor now but my festive scented candles are sticking around until the evenings are light again.

#2016BestNine instagrams Vienna street view yellow feather blog

Oh Vienna, it means nothing to me! Kidding! Earlier this year I spent a long weekend in this beautiful city. Seriously it’s one of the prettiest European cities in my opinion and I couldn’t stop taking photos of its grand, pastel-coloured architecture. Boy, a lot has changed for me since that trip but this pic is a nice reminder of a city I hope to visit again one day.

#2016BestNine instagrams colourful rainbow bookcase yellow feather blog

I’m so glad this pic was a favourite. I love my rainbow bookshelf and it was the first thing I arranged in my new single gal pad that made me feel at home. It’s been through many different reincarnations and I’m always changing up the styling of it but these bright, colourful tomes cheer me up every day.

#2016BestNine instagram birdcage filled with candles yellow feather blog

This uber Hygge fireplace setup got me through the run-up to Christmas and it’s still going strong. There arevcurrently some empty bottles of prosecco with candles in them added to this nook courtesy of pre-NYE festivities with my friends.

#2016BestNine instagrams yellow feather blog vienna chanel store architecture

More of beautiful Vienna, seriously if it’s not on your European bucket list then add it now!

#2016BestNine instagram yellow feather blog autumn leaves in Bristol

A slightly blurry Autumn leaves pic, I took a fair few this year so glad one of them made it into my #2016BestNine. I’m always on the lookout for pops of colour around Bristol, I’m not one for having a cohesive or themed IG but one thing you can rely on is that it will be colourful.

#2016BestNine instagram colourful homewear on my ecclectic mantle piece yellow feather blog

Yay! This picture is one of my favs and just makes me happy. It’s my colourful mantlepiece setup, as you can see I am far from a minimalist. I love jewel tones and mix and match home decor I think it gives my home a relaxed, boho vibe. This setup has changed somewhat after I decorated for Christmas, keep an eye on my IG for how it looks now.

#2016BestNine instagrams September Papergang stationary subscription box flatlay

Glad to see my followers are stationery addicts like me! This was from the unboxing of my September Papergang stationery subscription box. I am no longer subscribed but I follow them on the ‘gram and order boxes if I think the theme looks good. It really is great value and you get such good products. That Ombre weekly planner is what I’m using this year alongside my BuJo.

#2016BestNine instagrams colourful stationery display at Papersmiths Bristol Yellow Feather blog

This photo is another of my favourites from this year, just because it combines some of my favourite things, white walls, things organised by colour and stationery! This photo was taken in quirky and beautiful Bristol shop Papersmiths.

So those were my #2016BestNine roll on 2017, for a multitude of reasons ha!

What did you think of your best nine? Were there any surprises in there? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and say hi!

Love, Sarah x

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