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2017 Bullet Journal set up

January 26, 2017

Well it’s that time of year again folks! With it being a brand new year and a fresh new start I decided to leave my old green bullet journal with a few spare blank pages and set up a brand new yellow one for 2017. Here’s a peek at my initial spreads. If you are thinking about setting up your own bullet journal then this post goes through setting up and creating spreads in a lot more detail.

Bullet journal key yellow feather blog bujo

I decided to go with the yellow dotted Leuchtturm* as yellow is my fave and I’m working my way through the rainbow of colours available. The look of it next to my 2016 bujo makes this colour loving gal smile. 🙂

2017 Future Log Bujo Yellow Feather Blog Bullet Journal

You may notice I went with a more minimalist, clean look for my spreads this time. I was inspired to do so by lots of spreads I’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest and also by this Buzzfeed article. Although I still love bright and mixed colours there’s something soothing about this simplified layout. I mainly used black biro to hand letter titles and then highlighted them with the Zebra Mildliners*. I absolutely love these pens which give a soft pastel, almost watercolour highlight.

Goals tracker for 2017 minimalist bullet journal yellow feather blog bujo

While the initial set up is all in light blue I will be using other colours for each month as I go through the planner, but for now I like that my overall trackers and lists are all easy to identify by their uniform, soothing colour scheme.

Book tracker and books to buy tracker in my 2017 bullet journal. Minimalist spread with hand lettering. yellow feather blog bujo

Book tracker for 2017 minimalist bujo spread yellow feather blog bullet journal

Social media tracker spread yellow feather bullet journal 2017

As you can see some of these trackers are the same as I had in my old Bujo, I could have cut them out and stuck them in but I decided to re-write them to tidy them up a bit.

Disney classics to buy bullet journal tracker spread yellow feather bujo 2017

This Disney Classics tracker is still one of my faves, it’s so colourful and cheery.

This year is all about minimalism for me, I’m stripping back my bullet journal to make it less distracting to look as well as less time consuming to prepare. This means I have more time to spend filling it with ideas and plans and will hopefully get even more out of the system.

How are your 2017 bullet journal set ups looking?

Love, Sarah x

Bullet Journal Favouritesbullet journal essentials yellow feather blog

Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook | Stabilo fineliners | Pentel aquash water brushes | Rotring graphic pens | Zebra mildliners | Rainbow washi tape 

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