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January 7, 2018

Hello lovelies and happy new year! I hope you’ve all had fab Christmases and new years’ and that January hasn’t been too much of a shock to the system.

For me January is a time for planning, goal setting, getting organised in all elements of my life (hello clothes clear-out ??) but also reflecting. I like to take time to look back over the past year, remembering the good and not so good times and acknowledging how I’ve grown and changed. I think having a January birthday makes me even more aware of how much progress I have (or sometimes haven’t) made over the year.

The social channel I use most is Instagram, I update it most days so it’s a great record of my year and I love looking back at my #bestnine’s from previous years, here’s 2015’s and 2016’s.

My #2017bestnine was my most colourful yet, so much pastel goodness! It makes me smile just looking at it and gets me excited for the blue skies and sunny days to return so I can get out and capture even more of this colourful city.

Rainbow houses in Clifton Wood Yellow Feather Blog #2017bestnine

Pastel colourful houses and blue skies Instagram photo Yellow Feather Blog #2017bestnine

Ahh the colourful houses of Clifton Wood. Wandering around this neighbourhood with my camera is one of my fave ways to de-stress, I find whenever my mind is getting too noisy a good long walk is the best way to get some perspective.

Pink tudor house in Horsham Yellow Feather Blog #2017bestnine

This beautiful pink Tudor cottage in stunning Horsham even made it onto #DSpink last year.

Pink house in Clifton Wood Bristol Yellow Feather Blog #2017bestnine

Another pretty pink house, this one’s in Clifton Wood again.

Mermaid ombre makeup brushes Primark Yellow Feather Blog #2017bestnine

Makeup brushes of dreams! Can you believe these ombre mermaid beauties are from Primark?!

pink cherry blossom against blue sky Yellow Feather Blog #2017bestnine

Beautiful pink cherry blossom against a perfect blue sky, I can’t wait for spring to capture more pretty blossom dotted around the city.

Flatlay rainbow macbook and planner Yellow Feather Blog #2017bestnine

Gotta love a good flat lay!

Colourful painted houses in Kingsdown Bristol Yellow Feather Blog #2017bestnine

More pastel beauties.Yellow vintage VW camper van Yellow Feather Blog #2017bestnine

My dream car in my favourite colour, I spot this happy chap dotted around the city fairy often and always have to snap a pic. My dream is to one day own a vintage VW Camper, hopefully in yellow, although I wouldn’t be fussy. I would love to take it abroad and just drive across different countries, experiencing a different side of each place. This is why I’m so keen to book a holiday through, as that’s pretty much what they offer! Maybe 2018 will be my year…

#2017bestnine with stats sarah_walker2101

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Love, Sarah x

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