Hi I’m Sarah, welcome to Yellow Feather

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I’m a 20 something living inΒ Bristol, a lover of painting, pattern and all things colourful. I recently movedΒ out of the flat I shared with my partner and am now making my way in the world as a strong independent lady (cue Beyonce music). It’s an exciting time of self-discovery and personal growth as I move into my first ever solo home and all that comes with it. Mainly this involves making up for lost time when it comes to girly decorating, unleashing my creative side through illustration, painting and home projects, and exploring and documenting this beautiful city I call home.

About this blog

I write about the things I love, mainly interior design, DIY, crafts and travel. There may also be a bit of fashion thrown in but that’s much more of the H&M/Pull & Bear Variety than high-end couture. I’m obsessed with my awesome city too so you may get some sneak peeks of my favourite haunts, or the fab new street art that’s popped up on my commute.

If you want to ask me a question or just have a chat be sure to get in touch! Email me on yellowfeatheruk@gmail.com or find me on social media using the links on the right.


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