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Advice to my younger self

February 1, 2018

Ok, so the idea of me giving life advice to anyone (even myself) is totally cringe-worthy and frankly laughable, but I just turned 27, which feels scarily adult for some reason and it’s got me thinking about my journey over the last few years. I remember when I was younger, this always seemed the age where you should probably have your shit together, and significant adulting steps are on the horizon. Of course, I do not have my shit together but more important I’ve realized that no one does, no matter what their age.

Here are a few pieces of advice/things I would tell my younger, fresh out of uni, self if I had the chance. Of course, no spoilers because where would be the fun in that! Oh, and I’m in no way regretting the decisions younger me made because, if I had the chance to do it all again I doubt I’d change a thing.

Save some money, even just a little bit, every month.

Start saving it now, it will really help, oh man you don’t even realise how much it’ll help. There’ll come a time when you have big plans on the horizon and having to save a significant chunk of money each month to fund them is not ideal. If I’d started saving even just £50 a month when I first started working then not only would I be under less pressure to save now, but I could have probably had even more adventures along the way.

You know those girls you work with and get drunk with on the weekend? Treasure them. They are going to become your family.

You will see each other through new jobs, moves (some even out of the city sob), breakups and makeups, heartbreaks and new loves. There will be times when you put a boy ahead of them. That’s ok they’ll still be there for you (but don’t take that for granted). Open your heart to them and bare your soul, share stories over far too much wine and cheese, and scream Disney songs together in a kitchen at 3 am. They are undoubtedly going to be some of the great loves of your life.

Stop worrying about how you look, seriously!

You need to acknowledge your beauty however painful that may be and value yourself. Really work on loving yourself rather than seeking others approval. There are going to be people who love you just the way you are I promise, but nothing is more important than loving yourself.

Stop buying heels, you hate them, you never wear them.

Make your peace with that and just get into trainers already.

Take care of your knee.

Just do the exercises your physio gave you and stop ignoring it when it hurts, it takes like 10 minutes a day and it’s really not that hard.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or sad it’s ok to ask for help.

If your tooth was hurting you’d go to the dentist so don’t feel ashamed about seeking help for your mental health. Reaching out to the neccessary professionals will be worthwhile.

Learn to let your guard down once in a while and lose your filter.

I promise you one day this is going to be something that people love about you. It might scare some people away but they’re not the right people.

The journey isn’t going to be as smooth as you think it will be, and that’s ok!

Try and see the bigger picture and enjoy the adventure even when it hurts. There will be lows you won’t think you’ll recover from but believe me you will. You were made to do hard things, and after the biggest lows come the greatest highs.

Your early 20s are going to be really interesting!

Sometimes fun, sometimes stressful, sometimes sad but always a growth opportunity – it’s definitely going to be interesting. These are your story collecting years, so say yes to opportunities, don’t feel guilty for silly mistakes that don’t mean anything, make memories, don’t get disheartened when things don’t turn out the way you’d planned. It’s all going to be ok in the long run.

Do you have any go-to bits of advice you’d give to your younger self?


Sarah x

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