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An autumn walk and playlist

October 22, 2015

Well folks it’s that time of year. If you hadn’t already noticed the crisp chill in the air and scatterings of beautiful bronzed leaves on the ground then take a quick look at Pinterest and you will be left in no doubt that autumn or fall has definitely arrived.

It feels cliche, it’s such a blogger thing to say but…

I Love Autumn Yellow Feather Blog

But it’s true there’s something about this season that really inspires me. I want to spend the long dark nights crafting, cooking and generally nesting. I’m obsessed with cinnamon, jasmine and fig scented candles, making my home cozy with cushions and throws (more on that in a future post) and tucking up with a good book and a glass of red wine. I’ll admit, the cold, damp, dark weather (especially in my neck of the woods) does get me down sometimes but I am usually able to fight through it and make something of my evenings – I’m weirdly productive in autumn.

Last week Tom and I took a walk in Clifton Village, a beautiful part of Bristol where we used to live before moving to our current flat. I had a particular spot in mind, full of trees with leaves of beautiful warm hues, and an old (Victorian I think?) fountain. We decided to have a little autumn photo shoot. I was pretty pleased with my outfit. Autumnal and warm without having to be bulked up with layers and layers of knit wear.

Sitting on a Clifton bench Autumn outfit yellow feather blog copy

I wore a maroon maxi skirt, brown leather knee high boots, a black tee, patterned scarf, cream woollen beanie and a long cream cardigan.

Sitting in a Clifton park Autumn outfit yellow feather blog

An autumn walk outfit post yellow feather blog

Oh, and some beaded earrings from India.

Don’t you just love the warm pre-sunset light this season brings? It’s like free photoshop!

Autumn walk Clifton fountain outfit post yellow feather blog

Here’s the fountain, I used to walk past it every day and think it seemed sad that it was no longer a focal point, it’s just kind of lost in an area of green parkland surrounded by a main road and some houses. It’s horrible when something so beautiful seems lost and forgotten.

Autumn walk and outfit inspiration yellow feather blog

Autumn outfit post yellow feather blog

Layering is always the key in autumn. I don’t know about where you live but in Bristol at the moment the weather’s really changeable. If I wear a thick jumper you can guarantee I’ll be boiling by midday. So I’ve stuck to a pretty reliable formula of tee or thin jumper, long skirt, skirt and tights or jeans and then a cardigan and scarf. So far that’s worked.

Posing at the Clifton fountain Autumn outfit yellow feather blog

Don’t you love that teal agate ring? Tom surprised me with it. It’s from Jago one of my favourite shops in Bristol.

Here’s a playlist I made for the season, it’s a bit of a random mix of songs; some new, some old and some absolute classics. They all give me the autumnal vibe and this playlist is on most evenings in the background while I make dinner. I find all the songs perfect for this time of year. Is it just me or does autumn = folk music time? I hope you guys agree!

Love Sarah x

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