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Bits & Pieces: Bargain autumnal candles review

December 14, 2016

As I’ve said before I love making little changes to my home to make it look and feel seasonal, a key part of that is scent. In the dark autumn winter months I change up my candles and incense from fresh, citrusy fragrances to heavier, spiced festive scents. I had heard about the bargain autumn candles from B&M‘s Essence range – which many bloggers compare the the infamous Bath & Body Works candles that us UK dwellers can’t get our hands on – so I had to give them a try.

I popped in to my local store and was able to pick up three of their autumnal fragrances; Apple Orchard, Radiant Red Maple and Brown Sugar Allspice. Oh my gosh they all smell so good!

B&M bargains essence candles in autumnal fragrances yellow feather blog

They’re a substantial size and come in heavy-bottomed glass jars with a metal lid and two wicks to ensure they burn evenly. They say you should get about 25 hours of burn time out of them which, considering they cost just £2.99 each, seems almost too good to be true!

apple orchard b&m bargains essence candle review yellow feather blog

Their size, lids and labelling make them basically the UK equivalent to the Bath & Body Works candles which have similar labels and names. They burn evenly and the scents are so perfect for this time of year and potent enough to be noticeable in a room without being overpowering – which is key given that they’re quite sweet-smelling.

brown sugar allspice essence candle-by b&m bargains yellow feather blog

Apple Orchard is a sweet spiced smell which is lighter than the other two, it has a woody tinge to it and doesn’t smell overly apple-ey.

Brown sugar allspice smells like cookie dough with vanilla and sweet spices. There’s also the smell of cinnamon and cloves to make it even more festive.

radiant red maple essence candle b&m bargains review yellow feather blog

Radiant Red Maple has a woody scent but with a sweet almost marshmallow kick to it. Burning all three at the same time really fills the room with sweet, festive spiced fragrances.

For just £2.99 a pop I really couldn’t be happier!

flatlay autumn scented candles b&m bargains yellow feather blog

If I had to pick a favourite it would probably be Brown Sugar Allspice but to be totally honest I am burning all of them pretty much all the time right now, along with my long time favourite candle for the season, the  St Eval Inspiritus candle.

Do you have any festive faves you always burn at this time of year?

Love, Sarah x

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