Bedroom Design Inspiration: Mood board

January 10, 2016

New year, new goals and for us it’s time to plan the design of our interiors!

With our living room half-finished, a new kitchen and bathroom due to be installed and tonnes of other house decor jobs on the to-do list I’ve decided to focus on getting one room finished at a time. One of my 2016 goals is to finish decorating and furnishing our home but I’ve learned over the last year that trying to do multiple rooms at once drives you crazy. So what better room to get totally ‘done’ first that our bedroom? I want to make it a sanctuary we can retreat to while the rest of the flat may be in a crazy state.

To help me get ideas straight in my head I got my photoshop on and made a mood board.

Bedroom design inspiration and mood board

The bottom image was our original inspiration and the reason we went with the beautiful deep teal we have in the top image. We’re looking currently for bedside table lamps and are leaning towards glam metallic ones but haven’t found the perfect ones just yet. At the moment, we have a real lack of sockets in our bedroom and it means that we have lots of extension leads going across the room. It all looks a bit messy, so ideally I would like to add some extra sockets. This is not something we could do ourselves clearly, so we have been looking for electricians who could do it for us at a good price. Some friends recommended that we try these guys, so we may well get in touch. I think we will probably wait until the kitchen and bathroom are being done though, as no doubt we will need an electrician for those rooms as well.

At the moment, though, we have string lights hung over the bed underneath that gorgeous photo of henna’d hands.

We’re going for a bohemian, eclectic look in this room with lots of rich colors and textures. On one wall I have hung a giant wall hanging/tapestry I brought back from India. It’s purple and maybe 6×8 (huge!) made of recycled sari fabric.

Another color I want to introduce into the space is mustard yellow, I think against the teal it really pops. I want to paint the antique chair that we use as a bedside table mustard and get some cosy cushions and poufs in that colour too. For my bedside table I have a copper wire unit from Oliver Bonas. I adore it! I want to reflect the copper element with copper curtain poles (possible DIYed from plumber pipes?) and some glass and copper picture frames.

The two light minty blues are the swatches I’m currently loving for the rest of the room. I’m leaning towards blue because it compliments the teal well and also lends a cool, soothing tone to the room – ideal for the space we sleep in! I’m looking at blues with grey undertones in so that it still looks in keeping with the grey lounge – trying to have a semblance of a plan in the flat colours haha!

One piece of furniture I’ve been looking for the past few months is the perfect vintage dressing table. I want something with nice curves that isn’t too fussy. When I find the perfect one I want to paint it grey, I think it might be the perfect opportunity to use some of the gorgeous Annie Sloan chalk paint I’ve heard great things about. My dressing table will be a place for me to corral some of my bits of super girly decorative pieces, think lots of jewel toned coloured glass and vintage perfume atomizers.

Our current dresser is an old pine unit that I covered in maps – it looks great but is not enough storage as the drawers are quite shallow. Because we have a lot of room to play with here (check out the home tour for more info) we’re going to add another. I’m loving the Ikea Malm in that turquoise colour, it would look great on the opposite wall to the bed head to balance out the teal, the fact that it would match our bed frame is also a plus.

And finally I’m forming a deep and unending love for multi-colored tassels, I want to DIY some soon, I think they’ll be great to add a pop of colour and fun to the room, I’ll either hang some above the bed or on the corner of some other furniture.

One thing I didn’t include here – mainly because I don’t even know what I want, is a cosy rug. We know we need one to break up the boring beige carpet and add more texture to the room, I think that may be a case of waiting until we find ‘the one’ though.

Making this mood board has massively helped me piece together a rough design plan for the room, the basic colour scheme will be teal, copper and mustard yellow with lots of jewel tones and different textures layered into the mix to make it a truly boho space. However, the calming blue on the remaining three walls will still ensure it’s a soothing place to relax.

Now it’s just time to actually do it all!

Love, Sarah x

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