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Bits & Pieces: 16 Things I’ve learnt from my first month living alone

October 18, 2016

I can’t really believe it’s already been 1 month since I moved into my first ever solo home. That’s right people one whole month of living fully alone for the first time in my 25 years. It’s been scary, empowering, stressful but above all fun, a huge learning curve for sure! Here’s just a few of the things I’ve learnt from my first month living alone:

  1. Starfishing in bed is amazing, I mean don’t get me wrong I was a bit of a bed-hogger when I lived with my ex but now I can sleep diagonally and roll onto whole new cold pillows in the night, guilt free!
  2. That being said it did take some getting used to not saying goodnight, to anyone. It made me realise that for the first time in my life I don’t have anyone to say it to. No parent, housemate or partner. Weird.
  3. Background noise is your new BFF. At the beginning when I was getting used to my new space I found it too quiet. Now most of my days have a soundtrack running through them, either Spotify, the radio or some podcast or TV show on in the background.
  4. Boy did being in a relationship ruin my upper arm strength. I mean seriously?! Having a boyfriend meant relying on them to carry anything even remotely heavy, I mean I can hardly remember the last time I had to carry more than a few shopping bags on my lonesome. Oh my how that has changed now! Just the process of moving in was an epic workout, sign me up to the gun club!
  5. Washing up for 1 is obviously more manageable, yay! Unless you leave it to mount up, nay!
  6. Some jars are crazy hard to open, as in I have been tempted to take them back to the shop and swap them hard to open. My solution, leave them out as a reminder and as soon as an unsuspecting stronger friend comes over spring the jar on them to open.
  7. If your zip gets stuck or a necklace gets tangled in your scarf or hair you are screwed!
  8. Having full control of what you watch and no one to judge or interrupt you is a blessing and a curse. A blessing as you can binge all the shows you’ve been meaning to watch but never got around to. A curse because you can also binge all the crap shows that you put off for a reason.
  9. You will eat strange food combos, either because you’re lazy, you haven’t been shopping or just because you can. Hey you live alone, no one to judge you! Couscous, baked beans, sundried tomatoes and garlic mushrooms? Go for it!
  10. When you put things down, they stay put! No one to move or ‘tidy’ them away.
  11. Talking to yourself goes from an occasional habit to a daily ritual. In fact I don’t think I have an inner monologue anymore, it’s all out there. I chatter to myself all day long, even in the street, need to work on that, I’m getting weird looks.
  12. You can, and you will, wander around the house naked. Just because you can, or because you just moisturised and you need a snack.
  13. I have way, way too much stuff. I currently have a small 1 bed flat and I have basically filled it to the brim. How does a 25 year old have so much stuff?! I have no idea! I always wanted to be one of those nomadic, everything I own can fit in a suitcase and off I go kind of people. Turns out I’m not, I’m a hoarder, and for now that’s ok. In 6 months or so when I want to move in with my friends it will be a whole other story.
  14. Whatsapp is the new MSN messenger, from the moment I get home from work until bedtime I’m constantly chatting to my besties. Being single has definitely made me more committed to staying in touch with my friends than I used to be, which is so rewarding!
  15. Most food is packaged for 2, another way the supermarkets endlessly shame singletons lol! However, this turns out the be awesome, because you make 2 portions of dinner et voila you have lunch ready for the next day #winning!
  16. I wake up and the day is mine to do whatever I want with. I love making my own routines, going for walks, having lazy mornings in bed before making yummy brunch. I see my friends tonnes but other than that I am beholden to no one. No more having to fit around someone else’s weekend needs or appointments. It’s pretty awesome!

Also this,

Couldn’t have put it better myself 🙂

Love, Sarah x

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