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Bits & Pieces: Styling a tiered plant holder

May 26, 2016

A few weeks ago it was Tom and I’s 4th anniversary – wow how time flies! One of the gifts he got me was a gorgeous, rustic wooden 3-tiered plant stand. It’s like a tiny a frame step-ladder. I love it, how well he knows me. I instantly thought of about a million different ways I could style it (potential future post alert!) so I thought I’d show you how it’s set up currently.

Rustic wooden plant stand with barware

Yellow Feather blog using a plant holder to store barware

(apologies for blurry photos taken directly into a window – it’s been a busy week!)

As you can see I’ve mostly stuck with the plant theme, but I’ve also incorporated some of my copper barware. Tom also got me that pineapple goblet from Oliver Bonas to match my storage jar – I now refuse to drink from anything else! I’ve added a few glass knick knacks, a coloured bottle and cute mini coloured bottles (which actually hang on the Christmas tree).

Wooden plant stand with plants and barware

That Bombay Sapphire bottle actually contains loads of fairy lights and was a gift from some friends – it looks so pretty when it’s all lit up. Also, forgive me for not getting around to re-potting my succulents before taking pictures.
Use a plant stand to hold barware as well

And the copper obsession continues, these Moscow mule mugs give a great pop of metallic colour against the greenery. That big succulent is actually in a hanging planter from Urban Outfitter’s that’s destined for our hallway picture shelves.

Yellow Feather blog how to style a plant standAnd there you have it, the Indian parasol is a gift and I think it adds an interesting texture to this little vignette. I can imagine I will be changing this area up a lot to incorporate different colours and themes. I’m now on the look out for a great trailing plant that can hang over the shelves, what ever happened to Spider plants? Growing up my mum had them everywhere but now I can’t find them in any garden centre, they’d be perfect – plus they’re virtually un-killable – win!

Also, here’s an exclusive sneak peak….

Rustic wooden pestle and mortar and chopping boards

Dark grey floating shelves with kilner jar storage for dried goods

Close up of my kilner jar storage on open floating shelving

That’s right people, my kitchen is complete!!! Well, almost, I just need to get the tiles done. As soon as that’s sorted and we’ve painted our weird patchy walls I will do a full reveal, I am so excited! In the meantime here’s a picture of my new floating shelves (which aren’t properly styled yet) and a close up of my little rustic wooden kitchenware corner. I can’t tell you how great it is to have a working kitchen sink again.

I am off to Vienna tomorrow for a cheeky long weekend away to celebrate (hence the rushed photography – sorry!) so I’ll see you all next week.

Love, Sarah x

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