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Bullet journal: Simplifying

July 1, 2016

It’s Friday people! Phew, and the sun has decided to show it’s face after a long wet week, yay! I thought I’d drop by with a quick update on my current BuJo set up. If you read my intro post here you’ll see what my original setup was. It was colourful and pretty and I loved it, however, I knew I had to make some changes to make it work more effectively for me.

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As much as I loved the look of coloured in headers and illustrations I wasn’t keeping up with it. The point of a bullet journal is that you can grab it and fill it in on the go whenever you need to, but if you need to colour it in it takes a bit longer. I found myself drawing header banners and leaving them blank until I had time to colour them in in bulk, not very efficient.

I decided to take a step back and simplify it. After all this journal is supposed to make my life easier, if it feels like a chore then something’s gone wrong.

Here’s what my pages look like now..

I’ve got for a really stripped back look with just 1 colour per week for my headers, I don’t really miss the rainbow as each week has a different colour. If I want I can just add more colour when it starts to feel too plain.

The main difference though, and the way this change in layout is really helping me to stay organised is that I have a weekly overview page each week.

Simple weekly bullet journal page

This is where I note any events and overall to dos for the week. I also track social media and have a menu plan here. Having this weekly overview page is so helpful, I still use my monthly planner but it’s great to easily see a week’s events at a glance.

The main benefit of it is the to do section. I often have general to dos that I want to accomplish that week but I don’t necessarily have a day in mind for them. Because I write out my next day to do’s the evening before I would sometimes find myself forgetting things. This makes it so much easier, every night I simply migrate tasks from my weekly overview to the next day. It’s great for keeping me on track as I don’t like to allocate my days out any earlier than the evening before – I worry that I’ll fill up the space too soon if I have one particularly busy day.

So there you go, just a quick little update on my current bullet journal situation, I’ll do a 3 month update soon on lessons learned and how using this system has helped me organise my work and home.

Love, Sarah x

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