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Christmas in Summer Gift Guide

December 1, 2019

[Disclaimer: sponsored, affiliate] This post was kindly sponsored by Tesalate who gifted me the towel in return for the feature. As always all words and opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links which are marked with * should you click on one and make a purchase this does not affect the price you pay – it just helps me keep this corner of the internet running.

As cliche as it sounds I really can’t believe it’s December already! Not only is the year rushing by (being on a visa clock definitely doesn’t help with that feeling ?) but being in the Southern Hemisphere I’m still wrapping my brain around the fact that even though we’re in Spring. Christmas is definitely coming.

This will be my first ever Christmas in a warm country. It’s my first Christmas outside of Europe let alone the Northern Hemisphere. I’m still making plans for how I’ll spend the big day. Part of me wants to cling to tradition and hole up in a pub with red wine and a roast but I think I’ll probably embrace the kiwi way and head to the beach.

What I have been thinking about though, is how being in summer for Christmas affects Christmas shopping. Goodbye woolly knits, hello swimwear. I’ve been having a think about the things I’m needing for the months ahead so I’ve put together the ultimate Christmas in summer wishlist. Hopefully, this will help some of you expats to the Southern Hemisphere, or friends of them, to pick up something nice for the holidays.

When Tesalate got in touch and kindly offered to gift me one of their towels I jumped at the chance. Their towels not only look gorgeous, but they’re sand resistant. I didn’t even know this was a thing but as someone who loves the beach but hates bringing it home with me I had to try one.

teselate beach towel pink and blue palm printed towel with a black and white triangle geometric print on the reverse

I went for the Between Two Palms towel, I mean hello it’s covered in palm print it couldn’t be more me. The colours are really cute too, it really stands out on the beach.

It’s a great size, larger than the beach towels I usually buy, but is lightweight and folds super small – ideal for travelling with! As well as being sand-free and super soft, it dries really quickly.

It has a little ribbon loop so you can easily hang it and comes with a bag to store it in when packing.

between two palms tesalate beach towel. Pink and blue patterned towel with reverse side showing a geometric white and black triangles print

I’ve really got into rattan and woven bags recently. Probably from getting hooked on them in Bali But if you don’t have a Bali bag then here’s a great woven beach bag from Cotton On – their bikinis are also great at the mo!

Cotton on brown woven rattan beach bag

Just because you’re from another hemisphere doesn’t mean you have to look like it. Just Gradual Tanning Drops * from Balance Me to your regular face or body moisturiser to build up a natural-looking, sunkissed tan. It’s odour free, packed full of natural ingredients and comes in a glass bottle which is great if, like me, you’re trying to reduce the amount of plastic in your beauty regime.

Gradual Tanning Drops 30ml

Clinique Super City Block SPF 40*. I’ve mentioned this product before because it’s truly one of those hero items in my skincare routine that I use every day. I’m pale and freckly and desperately trying to keep signs of ageing at bay so a daily high SPF for my face (even in winter!) is a must. I love this product, it’s got some colour to it so you can use it almost like a BB cream, or under your makeup as a primer. It feels really creamy and hydrating without being heavy or oily and it’s the only SPF I use on my face now.

Clinique City Block SPF 40 oil-free daily face protector in green tube with silver cap

Yes, I’m basic but I love the cute cowrie shell jewellery you can get all over the high street now, it screams summer! I’ve got my eye on these Zara earrings which also feature a pop of red coral.


For fans of travel (ideal for expats in your life) the Lonely Planet Travel Book Calendar 2020* is a great gift. Each month they feature a different inspirational destination and include information about it, travel facts, national holidays, festivals and more. There are also travel planning tools and must-knows.

The Travel Book Calendar 2020

The Explore Every Day book* has 365 daily prompts to nurture your creativity and encourage your adventurous side. Most prompts take between 10 minutes and an hour. This would be a great gift for anyone looking for a bit more adventure in their daily life.

Explore Every Day

Now to send this list to the loved ones in my life ๐Ÿ˜‰

Love, Sarah x

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