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Beautiful Bristol: Colourful painted houses

March 28, 2016

Recently I’ve been taking advantage of the sunny days to take long walks around different parts of this beautiful city on the hunt for some colourful painted houses, and a full camera roll. These were all just shot with my iPhone and edited with the A Color Story app from A Beautiful Mess – I highly recommend it!

These photos were all taken during a walk around Kingsdown, one of the many colourful Bristol neighbourhoods. It’s full of pastel painted houses and bright colourful door.

Green and red painted houses Kingsdown Bristol

Mint green painted house in Kingsdown Bristol

Square of colourful houses in Kingsdown Bristol

I still get irrationally happy when I see street lamps like this, even though the city is full of them! They make me think of Narnia.

Colourful painted houses in Kingsdown Bristol

Coral and mint green painted houses in Kingsdown Bristol

I’m a sucker for pastel houses.

Red telephone box in front of colourful houses in Kingsdown Bristol

Pastel painted houses with a pink car Kingsdown Bristol

This row of houses with their stripy awning and candy coloured hues just makes me think of the seaside.

Red painted door with grey coving in Kingsdown Bristol

Turquoise and yellow painted houses in Kingsdown Bristol

Row of painted houses with bright front door Kingsdown Bristol

Royal blue and red painted houses in Kingsdown Bristol

Grey and mint blue front doors in Kingsdown Bristol

So there you go, a bit of colour to cheer up a rainy Easter Sunday.

Love, Sarah x

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