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Current Skincare Products I’m Loving

February 15, 2017

So it appears that despite the evenings slowly getting lighter (yay!) we’re in the midst of another freezing cold snap, at least here in the South West anyway. All this cold, windy weather is playing havoc with my skin so I thought I’d show you some current skincare products I’m loving.

These beauties all give my skin the extra nourishment it needs until Spring returns.
current skincare products I'm loving - yellow feather blog

My lovely Dad and his partner gifted me with the incredible M&S Beauty advent calendar last year, it really is the most amazing thing. 25 wonderful products for skin, hair, and nails with a few bits of makeup thrown in too. I discovered so many new brands and products I’d never heard of before and now I’m a big fan. If you’re into beauty products but don’t want to make the big investments in products you’ve never used before then the advent calendar is a great way to test a variety and then decide which works for you. I’m definitely going to get the calendar again next year.

Clinique City Block review - current skincare products I'm loving - yellow feather blog

Even in winter, it’s important to use an SPF every day, I have fair skin so I always like to wear a high SPF on my face. This Clinique Super City Block is my go-to daily fave, it’s SPF 40 which is ideal. I use this after my moisturizer and let it sink in before applying my foundation.

The Body Shop Tea Tree daily solution - current skincare products I'm loving - yellow feather blog

I’ve noticed this year that, while I’m still lucky enough to not suffer with many spots, I am getting oilier skin and the occasional breakout. If I’m being totally honest, it’s definitely related to how heavy a weekend I had or how many treats I had at work the previous day. To combat this The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Solution is my go-to for keeping my skin feeling clear and fresh. I use it at night but it’s lightweight so you can use it in the morning or twice a day if needed. I’ve noticed it’s great for clearing my pores and making my T zone feel fresh. I like using The Body Shop products as I agree with their ethical and natural stance, I also use their tea tree oil wash, scrub and mask which I can also recommend.

PUR correcting primer review - current skincare products I'm loving - yellow feather blog

Onto the first of my M&S Advent Calendar miniatures I’m currently loving. This PUR Correcting Primer only came in a 10ml tube so I am waiting for payday to replenish my supply. It makes my skin feel so silky it really is such a treat! As it’s a primer I use it after cleansing, toning and moisturising my skin and before I apply makeup. You apply a small amount to your face and leave it to sink in before applying foundation. It’s so lightweight and velvety and doesn’t make my skin feel greasy at all.

Alpha H Liquid Gold Review - current skincare products I'm loving - yellow feather blog

The Alphah H Liquid Gold is apparently a bit of a miracle product, I had no idea until my colleague who also got the beauty advent calendar told me, but I can certainly see why. This liquid is a pretty strong resurfacing treatment that’s supposedly great for wrinkles and skin damage. It contains glycolic acid and smells pretty chemical-ey so it’s only supposed to be used every other night. You apply it via a cotton pad onto face neck and décolletage and if you feel you need to you can then put moisturiser over the top. If you want a more effective treatment though then skip the moisturiser. I love how this product makes my skin feel, it really feels fresher in the morning, like it’s had a really good, deep exfoliation – no wonder it’s nicknamed ‘the overnight facial”!

ESPA overnight hydration therapy cream review - current skincare products I'm loving - yellow feather blog

This product is a miracle! I really, really love it. I think it will be in my skincare regime for many years to come. The ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy really is incredible. Not only does it smell delicious, but it leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished. You apply this in the evening almost as a mask, using a generous amount. Rub it in until it turns white and then leave to sink in. It takes a little while so it’s a good idea to use it a little while before going to bed unless you want to get it all over your pillows. Eventually though it sinks in and the next morning wash your face to reveal super soft skin. It really does make a big difference to how my skin feels and when I’ve had any dry patches they are noticeably improved in just one application.

Skyn Iceland review - current skincare products I'm loving - yellow feather blog

This Skyn ICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Cream is another miniature from the M&S Advent Calendar, I’ve found it really helps with dark circles and soothes my eyes after a long day looking at screens. The formula is a little odd, it’s an almost spongey texture which can be quite hard to apply. You’re supposed to pat it on the under eye area but I have to apply quite a lot of pressure to get it to absorb. It’s a real treat for tired eyes though.

Marks and Spencer Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream review - current skincare products I'm loving - yellow feather blog

This Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream from M&S is my final favourite miniature from my advent calendar, it is such a treat for my skin and leaves it feeling velvety smooth. I apply at night and then in the morning rinse off any residue, I noticed a difference in my skin after just one use.

Flatlay current skincare products I'm loving - yellow feather blog

So those are the products that are currently getting my skin through the cold winter months, I think a lot of them will become a regular part of my beauty regime in fact I’m already excited to get full size versions of the Alphah Liquid Gold, Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream and PUR Correcting Primer.

What are your wonder products for winter skin?

Love, Sarah x

Please note that some products are affiliate links which means if you purchase them I receive a small commission to help cover the upkeep of the blog. Don’t worry I only link to products that I use and love.

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