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DIY: Autumn leaf wreath tutorial

November 28, 2015

DIY wreath: the finished wreath in place on the gallery wall - yellow feather blog

Apologies for the unexpected blogging hiatus, my poor doggie unexpectedly passed away so I’ve had a difficult couple of weeks behind the scenes. Playing catch up now and trying to squeeze in one last autumnal craft before it gets full on festive fever over here. 

So without further ado….craft your own Autumn wreath with felt leaves.

I love wreaths for all seasons and for ages have been planning to make one for each season. I came up with this one after a few years ago making a similar wreath but in paper. The use of felt for leaves just felt better as it added texture and structure to it.
Autumn wreath tutorial equipment you will need - yellow feather blogYou will need:

  • Embroidery hoop (or any other blank hoop for your wreath base – willow would look good)
  • Rough yarn (you could also use ribbon)
  • Felt in various autumnal colours, I only used 4 squares and had lots to spare
  • Chalk or pen to draw your leaves on the felt
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Embroidery thread in whatever colours you like

Step 1: Glue your twine around the hoop. I found the easiest way to do this was put a small line of glue on the inside of the hoop in small sections and carefully wrap the twine tightly so there are no gaps visible. Be careful not to pull the twine so tightly that it gets thinner. 

DIY Autumn wreath tutorial: wrapping embroidery hoop with yarn - yellow feather blog
Step 2: When you’ve completely covered the hoop cut the twine and tuck it underneath one of the beginning strands and cover with glue to keep it in place. Leave to dry.
DIY Autumn wreath tutorial: complete yarn wrapped hoop - yellow feather blog
Step 3: Cut out felt leaves in a variety of shapes and sizes. I got some leaf templates online and then freehand drew mine. To make some symmetrical I also folded the felt in half and cut a half leaf into it. It’s completely up to you how many leaves you make. I tended to make 3 of each style in big, medium and small size and then I placed them on the wreath to see if I needed more. So keep playing with the leaves you cut to see how many more you need – it’s completely up to you how full your wreath will be. 

DIY Autumn leaf tutorial: cut our felt leaves - yellow feather blogDIY Autumn wreath: felt cut into various leaf shapes - yellow feather blog

Step 4: Embroider your leaves. I chose to use different contrasting coloured threads for each leaf type, including some gold to make the stitches really pop. This is the time consuming part so make sure you’ve got something good on Netflix in the background. It took me a few hours over 2 evenings to make all the leaves I needed. 

DIY Autumn wreath: felt leaf being embroidered with gold thread - yellow feather blogHere you can see I used a variety of stitching styles to add interest. Sometimes I just stitched the veins of the leaves whilst on some I stitched the outline as well. 
DIY Autumn wreath: a variety of embroidered felt leaves - yellow feather blog
DIY autumn wreath: finished embroidered leaves - yellow feather blogStep 5: Glue your leaves down. I’m afraid I didn’t take any photos of this part as I got a little carried away. I planned where I’d put the leaves and then started gluing and layering them up. Try to mix up your colours so it doesn’t get too plain. As you can see I only covered just over a third of my wreath as I like that kind of look but you could easily spread your leaves all the way around. 
The finished autumn wreath will felt leaves and yarn wrapped hoop - yellow feather blog

DIY Autumn wreath tutorial: close up of felt leaves on the complete wreath - yellow feather blogAnd here she is in all her glory on our gallery wall. I think this wreath is festive enough to stay over the Christmas period too – it reminds me of a poinsettia. 
DIY wreath: the finished wreath in place on the gallery wall - yellow feather blog

Do let me know if you try this yourself, I’d love to see pictures of your wreaths. I think this DIY could be so easily altered for different styles, think a felt holly covered wreath for Christmas or glittery white leaves for a more minimal style. I’m looking forward to trying a new style next year. 

Love, Sarah x

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