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DIY: Copper Clothes Rail

October 14, 2018

If you’ve seen my previous bedroom tour you might have spotted my copper clothes rail. This is actually a DIY project that I made about 18 months ago and I’m so pleased to say that it’s still holding up perfectly.

I knew I wanted a clothes rail as I thought in my room a wardrobe might be too imposing, a clothes rail suits my slightly industrial aesthetic and I had hoped it would encourage me to be more intentional about the clothes I buy. Can’t say that last part has totally happened ha! However, it has encouraged me to keep my clothes a bit more tidy and organised.


As I have a real thing for copper homeware I did some research, annoyingly all the copper clothes rails I found were far too expensive for my budget so I set about DIYing one. I’ve used copper in DIYs before so already had a pipe cutter and figured a clothes rail would be a fairly easy thing to create.

plan for DIY copper clothes rail yellow feather blog

This is the plan I came up with, the measurements are based on the space I had available in my room (and also a bit of guesswork) so feel free to tweak for your own clothes rail. I based the design on standard clothes rails I’d seen, with the two bars across the bottom acting as a brace to keep the rail sturdy and upright.

If you’re going to make a similar rail then you’ll want to purchase copper pipe in your desired length and thickness, a pipe cutter which is the correct diameter for your pipe (if your DIY shop cuts your pipe to length for you then you won’t need this). On top of that you will need 6 elbow fittings which will act as the corners and feet, and 6 tees which will attach the whole thing together. Make sure to check the diameters of these match your pipes. I used superglue to stick everything together but you can get a sturdier glue if you prefer. Although, to be honest the fittings sort of hold themselves together.

Cut lengths of copper pipe for DIY copper clothes rail yellow feather blog

Here’s my much messier plan and some of the small pieces of pipe I had to cut for the base. I used two different thicknesses of copper; 28mm for the main bars and 22mm for the two bracing bars that run along the bottom. This meant I had to get two different pipe cutters. Some DIY stores will cut your copper to length for you, unfortunately mine don’t but cutting copper pipe with a pipe cutter is really easy. You simply twist the cutter around the pipe and a small blade cuts through it – sort of like a can opener.

How to DIY copper clothes rail yellow feather blog

Once you’ve cut all your pipes to length assembling couldn’t be easier. It reminded me a lot of K’Nex, did any of you used to play with that when you were younger? Anyway, simple slot the pipes into either the elbow or tee fittings according to the diagram above. You should find they slot in place quite easily and stay in securely.

Close up of DIY copper clothes rail yellow feather blog

I then stood up my copper pipe rail to check that it was straight and all seemed secure, then I took it apart again, added superglue to all the fittings and re-assembled making sure that everything was glued tight. You can get special glue specifically for copper pipes, however, I found that superglue worked just fine, and 18 months later it’s still holding up perfectly.

Make your own DIY copper clothes rail yellow feather blog

An added bonus is that the two bracing bars across the bottom function really well as a shoe holder, just hook the heels over the back bar.

Shoe storage on DIY copper clothes rail yellow feather blog

This project was so simple and I really love how it’s turned out. It adds a pop of copper and industrial styling to my room and I’m now a big fan of having my clothes out on display, I genuinely think it helps me keep track of what I own and helps me to not overbuy. This DIY would be simple enough to adapt to your own needs, for example, if you don’t have that many long items of clothing you could add another horizontal bar across the middle to make a double rail for short items.

If you try this yourself then let me know in the comments, I’d love to see how it turns out. 🙂

Love, Sarah x

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