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My new flat – Living Room Tour

November 27, 2016

Yay it’s finally here, my long promised living room tour!

As you may remember from the before tour, my flat comprises of bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and then living room which has to function as a lounge area, dining area and study area (or YF HQ!) so I had to be creative with my furniture arranging to create zones without making the room feel cramped or closed off. I think I’ve managed to achieve this and am really happy with this colourful, fun living space.


This is the view as you walk into the room, apologies for the dark photo. As much as I adore my tall bright windows it does make shooting directly into them pretty difficult.

As you can see I decided to set up my dining area in the sunny bay window. It’s the perfect place to sit with a coffee on a sunny weekend morning and just watch the world go by. It also means I have great lighting over the dining table which is where I often take photos of crafts or #flatlays. The chairs are all mismatched vintage chairs that I’ve amassed over the years. The blue one is my fav, it’s paint splattered and peeling and just looks so rustic and gorgeous. Plus is only cost me £4!!



As you can see those clay leaf candle holders are holding up well, this is my current Autumn tablescape.


You can kind of see here that I’ve used the sofa to partition the space, not only does this make the sofa area seem a little cosier as the room is pretty big, but it means the desk area behind is separated into its own ‘study’ area.




My plant stand currently houses most of my house plants and my copper barware collection, as well as my copper wire lamp. I love the rustic wood of this plant stand, and partnered with the greenery it really lifts this part of the room.


As you can see my cushion obsession has really gone into overdrive in this flat. I’ve just recently added my autumnal tartan and stag pillows into the mix too but I couldn’t bear to put my colourful boho pillows away just yet.


My desk is homemade from two Ikea Oddvald trestles and a piece of plywood which I sanded, varnished and painted the edge of. It’s a great size and depth to hold all my gear and also give me space to spread out when working or crafting. The Ikea Raskog cart next to it holds my craft supplies.


I made a mini inspiration wall next to my desk by taping up some pretty photos, prints and postcards that make me smile.


Because I’m renting I’m trying to avoid putting too many nails into the walls which limits this gallery wall loving girl somewhat. Behind my desk I’ve propped some framed pictures on top of the radiator which is a good enough solution for now.

The wood and mint blue metal lamp is from and I adore it, I had my eye on it for ages and snapped it up as soon as it went on sale.


I believe colourful accessories are the key to having a desk space you actually want to work at.


Looking to the other corner from my desk, on the wall with the door, I have set up a mini bar / storage area. This dresser is an antique which I picked up from Gumtree for just £20. I love it so much, it provides tonnes of storage and even comes with its original key! I bought some Annie Sloan chalk paint to spruce it up so when the weather’s a bit warmer this piece might get a makeover. As you can see so many prints are perched around the place to avoid hanging them, although I think it kind of works.





It wouldn’t really be my home without an overly decorated colour organised bookcase now would it? Because of limited space in the flat I’ve had to lose one bookcase which now sits in the hallway with other less colourful tomes on it. Even that one’s running out of space so soon I’ll have to start piling the books in corners. I should probably invest in a kindle but there’s something so lovely about a physical book.


I always over accessorise, whether it’s with stacking rings or multiple necklaces, and in my home is no exception. I find it comforting to have lots of trinkets and treasures dotted about my home. They all have stories and significance to me so they bring great memories.


My bookcase is also home to my collection of film cameras, I love experimenting with film photography and have been lucky enough to inherit and be gifted a variety of cameras over the years. My current favourite it the polaroid just because it’s so fun to spontaneously take photos when hanging out with friends and not know what’s going to be printed out. Plus the vintage look of them is so much better than any Insta filter!


This colourful view never fails to make me smile, especially on sunny days which are unfortunately getting rarer. colourful-mantelpiece-decor-yellow-feather-blog-living-room-tour

Opposite my sofa is my beautiful fireplace and mantle piece. This is one of the most over-accessories areas of the room so apologies to any minimalists reading. As you can see I adore jewel tones and mix and match glassware. That pink and turquoise candle stick has followed me to various home around the country since I was 13 and it’s one of my favourite things.

The hollow of the fireplace, alas I don’t have a real fire, is filled with colourful candles and my vintage style birdcage which I’ve also filled with candles. It’s the ultimate cosy winter night fireplace set up.

To the left of the fireplace in an alcove I have my Ikea Nornas unit which I adore, I really love the look of unfinished pine and it contrasts nicely with the dark grey. This houses my vinyl collection and player as well as a fun little cubby with some copper wire lights and accessories.

The log was picked up on an autumnal walk last year and in my old flat was wrapped in copper wire lights, alas those lights didn’t survive the journey to this new flat so I replaced them with those feather lights. It creates such a soft warm glow.
copper accessories cubby yellow feather blog living room tour

colourful trinkets on my mantle piece yellow feather blog living room tourHere’s a close up of some of the treasures on my mantle piece. You can see a collection of Buddha’s and Ganesha’s from when I travelled around India and South East Asia.vignette-of-colourful-home-accessories-on-my-mantle-yellow-feather-blog-living-room

And that rounds off the living room tour, I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my colourful, eclectic home.

Love, Sarah x

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