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October 12, 2015

Hi there and welcome to Yellow Feather, I’m Sarah a Bristol-based marketer, DIY-attempter and home design enthusiast.

Having recently moved into our ‘long-term’ apartment together myself and my partner Tom are undergoing the adventure of turning it into a home. I won’t lie it’s not always like the movies, it’s sometimes chaotic and stressful and has caused a few rows, but ultimately it’s amazingly satisfying. I love all things home and design so am relishing the opportunity to put ideas into practice and experiment. Tom is much more practical and likes to be sure of how something will look before trying it (hence the rows). He’s also a minimalist whereas, I love curated clutter, so we’re slowly adapting to each others styles.

This blog will document our adventures in decorating, as well as a peek into my life: think food, fashion and findings. You can expect lots of instagram photos – I’ll admit it, I’m obsessed! I am also a realist so expect a fair few cocked up DIY attempts or messy corners of half decorated rooms – but it’s good to be honest right? I’ll be sharing the things that inspire me and some of my attempts to re-create them as well as some bits and pieces about my travels and future adventure plans. 

Anyway, I hope you’re up for following my journey.

Love Sarah x

Yellow Feather blog welcome post

Yellow Feather blog welcome post photos

A few snaps of me (Tom’s more camera shy) check out the constantly changing hair!

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