Creating a colour story for our home: Mood board

May 3, 2016

Phew! Has anyone else come out of the bank holiday weekend more exhausted than before? I feel like I need a holiday to recover from my bank holiday. All I can say is a well-needed detox is commencing today.

This week we are having a new kitchen installed – prepare for so many photos when it’s all new and shiny ๐Ÿ™‚ So as you can imagine our flat is in a crazy state. My desk currently holds all our glassware, our bathroom sink is doubling as the kitchen sink, our freezer and fridge which the builder is kindly leaving us with until the last moment are chilling in our living room and all of the contents of our kitchen are hoarded in one half of our living room leaving us with a tiny TV area which also contains our kettle and microwave, so yeah it’s interesting around here.

With that in mind I haven’t been focusing on crafty or DIY projects for a while as I don’t really want to contribute anymore to the mess and chaos of the flat. Instead, I have been looking in magazines and finding lots of inspiration from this helpful post and other posts too, to help decide how we’re going to decorate.

Living room colour story and moodboard

I want to have a cohesive colour story for the whole flat – that way it will be a smooth transition from room to room and hopefully feel more like a ‘completed’ space. The specifics of this mood board in terms of the pieces are focused on the living room but the basic colour scheme and textiles will be carried throughout the house.

It’s been really helpful having a vision for the space in terms of key colours and textures. It’s also great for curbing my homeware addiction as I know the rough colour scheme and theme I want to keep so it means my endless nick knacks are at least ‘curated’

Here you can see the key colours are light grey (our living room walls), teal (like our bedhead wall) and white which will be what most other walls in the flat will be painted. Currently we vary between Laura Ashley’s Pure White, Cotton White and Paper white. Then our feature colours which will only be reflected in the decor is a beautiful deep greek blue and a happy yellow (very much inspired by my yellow ukulele). This helps to warm up the cool palette and brighten the rooms. I’m already thinking yellow bedside table lamps would look great against the teal wall, and when I eventually source a great vintage dressing table I intend to paint that a nice french grey.

For textiles we’re really looking to mix and layer them to create a cosy boho vibe. We want a big, neutral high-pile shaggy rug for the living area (the one pictured is from Target) and then we’ll warm up the room with woven baskets, and a leather pouf. I want to incorporate lots of brown leather because I think it’s a timeless look that brings an element of masculinity into the space without being too ‘bachelor pad-esque’. Ultimately, soft furnishings and accessories like a shaggy rug create a classically comfortable vibe.

Lots of houseplants are a necessity and we’ve got a few already but I’m always looking to add to my cacti collection, terracotta planters are great because they add another earthy texture to the space.

As you can see I still want fun colourful pillows, I already have the llama one from Asda and it’s so cute, I’m not going too earthy and bohemian but I want the colourful elements in the room, like the bookcase and gallery wall to really pop.

As you know I love copper so some hanging planters will be a must, I already have one from Urban Outfitters which I think will look great in my hallway.

The dark shipping palette wood represents the still-to-be DIYed coffee table I have planned, and the gorgeous leather recliner is on my wish list for the reading nook. I love the timeless mid-century style of it and I know how comfy these chairs are for curling up in.

So there you have it, this certainly isn’t a set in stone list of the things to buy for the flat but it’s been really helpful to have a reference and a vision of how it should all come together.

Love, Sarah x

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