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Home tour: The Living Room (work in progress)

December 10, 2015

I know, I know it’s December and has been for a while so where are the Christmas posts? Well I know that in blogland Christmas comes earlier each year – I swear I saw some tinsel in some Thanksgiving instas! But let me just squeeze one last post in before the festive season is fully upon us. If you hop over to my Instagram you’ll see that Christmas fever has well and truly hit 707 but for the meantime I want to show you the current decoration progress in our living room area. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, this room is currently an orgy of glitter and fairy lights.

I wanted to give you a peek at how the living area looks at the moment, it’s still very much a work in progress but it’s come so far from the before photos. Looking towards the kitchen from the living room - Yellow Feather blog living room tour

The view to the TV wall showing the speakers, boho footstool and part of the colourful gallery wall - Yellow Feather Blog living room tour

This is looking from the sofa towards the hallway and kitchen area. As you can see all the walls in this part of the lounge/dining/kitchen room have been painted a gorgeous light grey. These pictures don’t do it justice, it’s so peaceful and serene and it reflects the light differently throughout the day, giving off an almost mauve purple tinge in the morning light and changing to a grey then warmer grey tone as the day progresses. I love how it contrasts with the freshly painted white trim. Funny story, we were planning to buy a chalky white paint – all the better for me to accessorise with colour I thought, but then Tom was drawn to all the grey shades. We didn’t know if this one was dark enough and were torn between several options, but it’s called cloudburst and as we’re both huge Kate Bush fans we took that as a sign – thankfully Kate didn’t steer us wrong (does she ever?)

So as you can see we hung a painting on the half wall that separates the kitchen – ignore the horror story going on on the kitchen wall – it’s the result of an ‘experiment’ with red paint that didn’t work AT ALL and had to be covered over with trade standard white base-coat – that stuff covers so well!

The next few things to happen in this spot is a nice tall plant to the left of the radiator and a replacement for the futon. We’re thinking of having 2 sofas in the lounge and just saving up at the mo. I want a squishy brown leather one and then as a complete contrast this gorgeous teal velvet one. I think they could work together and the pop of teal would be most welcome – just gotta convince Tom. If not that then we’ll just get an L shaped leather one and another squishy armchair. I love the warmth, texture and boho vibes a well-worn leather sofa brings to a space.

The whole living room area - Yellow Feather Blog living room tour

Here’s the view from the step up to the kitchen that shows the whole lounge space. As you can see we are crying out for a huge, cosy area rug. I’m torn between a super cosy high-pile rug or an over-dyed vintage Kilim or tribal one. Either way we need to do something to break up all that yellow wood. I am in the process of DIY-ing a shipping palette coffee table and we have a wooden shelf waiting to be hung above the TV. I’m trying to introduce lots of different wood tones into the room to distract from the floor and the all-white Ikea units. Also lots of house plants and mixed textures are required to make this a super relaxing, comfy hub for us and our loved ones to enjoy.

The red side table is a vintage find that my mum re-painted and then gave to me, I’m not feeling the red though so it’s on my to do list to strip and re-paint. I’m not sure what colour though but I’m dying to play with some of the Annie Sloan chalk paint beauties.

Big plans for this area are focussed around the sofas (as mentioned above) and the TV area. I want to hide all of the wires and consoles so am looking for a nice wide unit to put the TV on. I might hire an electrician to hide them in the wall; I’ve been looking at sites like, but haven’t made my mind up yet about what I’m going to do. I’m thinking something very minimal, maybe mid-century styled. Then I’d have the TV on the right of it with the jar of twinkly lights sat on it’s left, all flanked by the 2 speakers.

Also, check out that gorgeous embroidered footstool, I want to incorporate more of that beautiful blue into the accessories, every time I look at it it reminds me of India, even thought I bought it here in Bristol.

Living room view of the colour-organised rainbow bookcase and colourful gallery wall - Yellow Feather Blog living room tour

I love how the white frames and bookcases really pop against the grey walls, it makes the space feel so fresh!My favourite corner of the living room - the colourful gallery wall, vintage blue chair and colour-coordinated bookcase - Yellow Feather Blog living room tour

I love this corner, I know it might be too busy for some but as a colour and accessories addict it just makes me smile. As you can see I’m building up a gallery wall, based around a few key pieces. I love gallery walls that don’t have just pictures so I incorporated some small instruments we had lying around and some stars I picked up on my travels. I love that the pieces in the wall all have a story.

The wire basket (wire accessories addict alert!) holds spare blankets for epic Netflix binges. And do you like how we covered that awkward wooden box that comes out from the stud wall with a chair? That chair is one of my favourite items, it’s a vintage chair that I picked up for just ยฃ5 from my local auction house/2nd hand emporium. It’s pretty rickety but I adore the colour. And up close it’s just gorgeous, the paint is crackling and in some areas it’s got splatters of other paint over it. It clearly wasn’t taken care of by it’s previous owner but I love that, it just adds to the charm. There are so many DIYs to crackle paint furniture and I have the real deal sitting proudly in my living room. FYI It makes a great background for Instagram pics too haha!

The cushion on it normally lives on our sofa – picking up nicely on the yellow from the ukelele. But as it’s winter it got relegated to the corner in favour of the tartan and stag cushions.

View from the sofa of the TV, colourful gallery wall and beautiful vintage blue chair - Yellow Feather Blog living room tour

Here you can more easily see the mess of consoles and wires under the TV that needs containing. Also, check out our WIFI box, isn’t it the best home accessory ever?! Seriously though, due to the stud wall this is as far as the wire will stretch and we need it near the TV to plug it into one of the consoles (apparently!) that needs to be remedied somehow. The glass demijohn is something I got from my Dad and I’ve just filled it with copper wired fairy lights.
My colourful gallery wall - half finished. Complete with autumn wreath, yellow ukulele and tambourine - Yellow Feather Blog living room tourHere’s a better shot of the gallery wall, as you can see it’s still a work in progress. I literally have 3 unfinished pictures sat on my desk, and lots saved in my Etsy favourites. I adore the two larger pictures, both from Messy Boxes by A Beautiful Mess, the agate style one has gold shiny lines which look fab! The big blue painting is something I did at uni to brighten up my room, the wooden stars are from Udaipur in India and the white feather is actually a christmas tree ornament. The muddy tambourine is a souvenir from a music festival Tom and I went to, we stole or were given it (very foggy memories of that night) in the Southern Comfort bar stage. I still need a few bits to fill in some of the larger gaps but it’s pretty much all planned out now.
My colour coordinated bookcase - over-accessories at the moment due to lack of shelves. With copper S and T letters - Yellow Feather Blog living room tour

And here’s probably my favourite part of the whole room – the colour coordinated bookcase! It makes me so happy and everyone comments on it. These are just super cheap Ikea Billy bookcases without the backs. Our plan is to get enough to cover this whole back wall – which is good because I’ve still got 2 boxes of books in storage (thanks mum!). As you can see I have lots of little bits and pieces that I love accessorising with. This bookcase won’t always be so cluttered with accessories, once we put up the shelf above the TV and I get a dressing table in our bedroom then lots of these vases and boxes will be re-homed around the house.

I’m thinking of some kind of storage box solution for the ugly DVDs and games at the bottom.

Also, more wire accessories! And these are even better as they’re copper haha! The S and T are from Oliver Bonas (probably my favourite place for cute, quirky home-wares).

So that’s it for the living room tour for now. We’re pausing on big house projects and purchases until February time when we’re less busy so it’ll be this way for a while.

But, next post will launch Christmas here on Yellow Feather – I promise!

Love, Sarah x

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