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June Bookishly Tea and Book Club Unboxing

June 27, 2016

I was so excited to arrive home from a long Monday at work to a package from Bookishly. Having been a massive fan of my Messy Box subscription box I decided to hop on the monthly book box train. Bookishly is perfect if you don’t like being restricted to certain genres in your reading, and if you love the look of a vintage paperback. Each month they send you a vintage paperback, 4 bags of gourmet tea and some bookish stationary. I loved the look of it on Instagram so I took the plunge and ordered it for this month.

Here’s how it came presented, gotta love some hot pink paper! (This was inside a brown card envelope so nothing gets damaged in the post. Bookishly tea and book club June unboxing Yellow Feather blog

I was so delighted with this months selection, I love that the paperback is wrapped beautifully in old maps – I have a thing for maps! It not only looks beautiful but means there’s one more surpise once you open the main package.

Bookishly June tea and book club unboxing Yellow Feather blog

So this month I received Alice in Wonderland themed stationary: a bookmark, 2 generic greetings cards and a birthday card.

Bookishly purple alice in wonderland quote greetings card

I love the watercolour pattern on this card, and the clever use of the diamonds which are the same as the card suit – very Alice in Wonderland appropriate. Some of the diamonds are actually scans of book pages painted with watercolour so it’s the perfect gift for the word nerd in your life. The quote itself is whimsical just like the book and perfect for that friend who is always late (that would be me!) or even framed it would look lovely. All the cards are blank inside and come on good quality cardstock, I particularly like that the design continues on the back – it’s nice for people to open an envelope to a peek of design. Speaking of envelope they come with simple brown paper ones.

Bookishly green Alice in Wonderland quote card on green bookcaseI love this quote, and this card is beautiful. This one uses the clubs symbol and is in various greens and teals.

Bookishly Alice in Wonderland birthday card

Although it says ‘Happy unbirthday’ I would use this card for someone’s birthday, as a bonus bookish gift it can be cut up to give you a Mad Hatter bookmark. This card has a soft eggshell sheen to it so would make a sturdy bookmark.

Speaking of bookmarks:

Bookishly wrapped vintage paperback tea and book club june

This month’s is the purple ‘late’ quote, so pretty.

Strawberry tea from June Bookishly tea and book club

The tea I received was a Summer Strawberry Green Tea, Tom and I both had a cup straight away and loved it. I’m a big green tea fan so this was right up my street. It has a lovely sweet fruity taste but isn’t too strong. Great for me as I often find the Twinings fruit teas a bit too fruity.

So what book did I get? That is the main reason I subscribed right?

Vintage Penguin paperback the white peacock bookishly unboxing

I got The White Peacock by D.H. Lawrence, I have to admit whilst I’ve heard of Lawrence (hello who hasn’t heard of Lady Chatterley’s lover?) I hadn’t heard of this novel. It’s his first and I look forward to reading it once I’ve finished my current read. One of the reasons I got this subscription is because I wanted to challenge myself to read outside my comfort zone and find new authors, I think this is a great way to do that. Also, I love the look of vintage books especially colourful ones as they help me fill up my rainbow bookshelf.

June bookishly tea and book club Yellow Feather blog

I’m only one month in but I’m so delighted, do you guys have any subscription boxes? Let me know in the comments, it’s always fun getting a monthly surprise on your doorstep!

Love, Sarah x

P.S. The beautiful map wrapping is giving me major guilt about finishing my dresser, it’s only been missing one map covered drawer since 2010 oops!

Bookishly map wrapped book and map wrapped chest of drawers

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