June Homeware Haul

June 7, 2016

Hello everyone, I hope you’re enjoying a heatwave at the moment like we in Bristol are? I’m a week back from Vienna and boy did I have an amazing time! It was stunning, genuinely the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited (sorry Paris) and so hot! A post all about it is in the pipeline, I promise.

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been absent so long it’s because it’s been a busy week with some big projects commencing at work, and last weekend my Mum came to stay which was lovely, not least because she helped me loads with my garden.

As a treat after payday, I went on a bit of a homeware shopping spree, check out June’s haul…

Yellow Feather June Homeware Haul

1. Waitrose Dining Vilamoura salad bowl: If you’d seen my kitchen (which you will soon) you’d say I have too many bowls already. I’m afraid I would have to tell you that you’re wrong, you can never have too many bowls! At least that’s what I tell myself. However, how could I resist this Mediterranean style beauty? She currently sits next to my hob holding garlic and onions.

2. Waitrose Cooking blue and terracotta roaster: Again with the mediterranean cookware theme, I think having a dark graphite kitchen is making me want to introduce bold colours. I love the terracotta and the cobalt blue ties in with my boho footstool in the adjoining lounge area and my overall home colour scheme.

3. Waitrose Dining Vilamoura nibble bowl: I got the cross-hatched pattern bowl, it’s so cute and small the perfect size for holding hummus or olives. I love having lots of miss-matched bowls and I have amassed quite a collection thanks to many people buying me them as souvenirs. They’re great if you love to entertain as they’re the perfect size for crisps, dips and nibbles. I personally prefer nothing more than a table laden with nibbles in pretty bowls, it’s my signature party food look.

4. Urban Outfitters dip dyed 2×3 rug: I must confess I bought this rug with no room in mind for it’s use, I just wanted the great price point. However, this rug would work well in any room, Tom wants to put it in the bathroom but I think it would be a nice rug for next to the bed (I love layering carpet and rugs) so we’ll just have to see where it ends up.

5. Urban Outfitters Kambala 2×8 Geometric rug: I’ve loved this runner rug for a while so snapped it up on sale. It sits proudly in our hallway, we are planning to paint the hallway white so it will add a nice dose of colour and texture to the space. It’s not quite long enough for the whole length so I’m debating buying another one and sewing them together.

6. Waitrose World of Flavours Mexican serving platter: Again this was bought as a way to inject a pop of cheery colour into our kitchen. At the moment it sits on the counter holding a plant and acting as a catchall for post and keys, however, it has been used for bread so I think we’ll get some good use out of it.

7. Urban Outfitters Hanging Metal Dome Planter: I got this little guy in copper (the obsession continues), I have planted him up with a lovely purple hued succulent and he’s waiting to go on my to-be-hung hallway picture ledges. I think he’ll look great next to some of my hanging glass votive holders.

8. Urban Outfitters Leon Elephant Duvet Set: Ok so by now I think we know that I love UO, I also LOVE elephants, however, I can be quite fussy when it comes to bedding. I’m always checking reviews on sites like The Dozy Owl to make sure that I have the best pillows and duvets so that I can sleep comfortably and it’s the same for bedding covers. I don’t want any bedding that’s made from scratchy materials, who would? So when I stumbled across this bedding set whilst on the lookout for neutral bedding for our room I fell in love. I love that the print is subtle so the bedding is still neutral and restful.

It’s so comfy and I genuinely love sleeping in it, it makes me smile – which I think is an important if overlooked, aspect of bedding!

I hope you liked having a little peek into the fresh finds adorning my home this month, if you have any questions about the products just let me know. If you’ve had your own shopping haul recently comment below – I love seeing what other people are buying!

Love, Sarah x

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