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My Girly Flat – Bedroom Tour

July 7, 2018

So we’re finally here, on to the last room tour of my (now old) flat. If you’re interested you can check out the previous tours of the kitchen, dining and lounge area.

I loved this bedroom, it was spacious, had glorious high ceilings and fresh white walls and the best part was it had a beautiful almost floor to ceiling window – with the original Georgian sash and denver shutters. The window let the light stream in (we’re lucky enough to get morning and afternoon light in that part of the flat) and the shutters managed to shut it out totally, meaning lie-ins were bliss in total darkness.

I relished living without boys and because I knew that this would probably be the last time that I’d live sans testosterone for a while, I took full advantage by creating a girly oasis.




This is the sight that greets you when you open the door, you can tell it’s my room from the little mermaid hanging on the door. ? This wall holds a photo frame with polaroids of some of my favourites. I know I should really print out photos properly and put them inside the frame, but I quite like this look. It also holds my dangling elephants and stars which I got when travelling in India.


There’s a sort of narrow mini-corridor entrance to my room, which is an odd shape because my flatmate’s and my room used to be one massive space which the landlord divided. As you come through it you can see how I’ve sort of zoned my space. There’s the changing area to the left, with all my makeup and toiletries kept on that unit by the window. Then there’s the bed area to the right, beyond that is my desk area which we’ll get to soon.


Here’s the view from probably my favourite place in the world, my bed – I’m not even joking! It looks right out to that gorgeous, huge window that lets the daylight stream in.


This gives you an idea of just how tall the room is.


Here you can see my dressing area. I’m a fan of open clothes storage as a way to see what you have. I find it means I tend to plan outfits better and buy less unnecessary clothes. However, I do struggle to make it look neat with all the various colours and lengths of items. Does anyone have any tips on how to organise your clothes rail in a pretty way? Lemme know in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

I do like having a dedicated corner of the room that houses all my clothes, makeup, accessories and mirror though. It makes getting ready a breeze.


I actually made this clothes rail myself from copper pipe. It was super easy and I love how it looks! I’ll do a DIY post on the blog about it soon.


The bottom of the rail is the perfect size and shape to store shoes!


This chest of drawers holds the rest of my clothes, the boyf gets the top right drawer – lucky him! ?

I’ve had this dresser since I was a kid and I decided to cover it in maps whilst at uni, although because I ran out of holiday I ended up leaving the bottom drawer bare and I still haven’t managed to get around to covering that one.???? The maps are vintage Ordinance Survey ones that my Dad owned. Parts are Pembrokeshire and parts are Buckinghamshire, but I like how it kind of looks like it all matches. It drives my slightly OCD boyfriend mad though. He wants us to cover a new chest of drawers with maps in our new home but he’s specified that all the maps must match.


On top of the dresser I use a vintage cake stand as well as a ceramic egg tray to hold my jewellery. I think it’s a fun way to display some of my prettier accessories and keep everything corralled and easy to find.


I really like displaying prints on clipboards, it just looks informal and a bit industrial which is a great way to mix up your artwork displays. The paint tray print is actually an old advert for a fashion brand that I ripped out of Vogue years ago, the peacock is a print I found on Etsy.

Instagram gallery wall yellow feather blog girly bedroom tour

Here’s some detail of the mini-instagram gallery wall I’ve got next to the dresser. It’s mostly pics from traveling but there area a few from closer to home thrown in for good measure. I got these prints from Social Print Studio and I love the quality.


So on to my desk area. I know it’s bad to have a work space in your bedroom, but often when you’re sharing a home there isn’t much choice. I like having a dedicated area that I can work on my blog or my freelance gigs. I can’t deny that often I end up moving to the bed to work, but it’s good to at least have the option of sitting at a desk. It’s also where I keep all of my craft supplies, on that blue Ikea Rร…SKOG trolley.

my desk area and inspiration wall-yellow-feather-blog-bedroom-tour

Of course, it wouldn’t be my desk without a healthy injection of colour and cute. I love that copper pineapple jar, and the vintage cigar box holds film that I’ve yet to get developed – OMG lomo film is so expensive to develop!


Here’s my inspiration wall, to keep the visual clutter down I kept the wall monochrome. As well as inspiring prints it’s got some photos of my favourite people as well as Instagram prints and postcards from travels.


To the right of this area, on a slightly awkward diagonal wall, I added a shelf to hold some of my treasures. Also, check out the cute wooden L on that chair. It’s an antique chair that can’t really bear weight so I use it as a bedside table. The L is to show it’s my boyfriend’s side of the bed haha.


Underneath the shelf I strung copper string fairy lights onto which I’ve pegged polaroids of me and my friends. It never fails to make me smile.


This shelf if pretty eclectic and colourful, like so much of my interior style. It might be too much for some but I love it. There are treasures I’ve collected travelling mixed in with ornaments that I’ve been gifted or picked up years ago. And of course, it had to have a cacti! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope you enjoyed this little bedroom tour. That’s my old flat tour officially complete which means I can start sharing where I’m living now. I love looking at tours of people’s spaces so if you have any let me know in the comments.

Love, Sarah x

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