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My Girly Flat – Dining Area Tour

May 6, 2018

This latest room tour shows one of my favourite areas of the flat, the dining area. While I’m not the most enthusiastic cook or host, I do love sitting at a dining table with good wine and great company, putting the world to rights long after the meal is over. So I find having the right setting essential for creating a relaxed but welcoming vibe, that encourages lively dinner debate and turns a quick breakfast into a long brunch. To see how the space looked when we moved in check out this post, and the kitchen tour is here.

Dining area and record storage corner yellow feather blog dining room tour

One of the issues we faced in our open plan Georgian flat was zoning the space without making either the dining or lounge area feel small and enclosed. We knew we wanted to take advantage of the huge window which gets the best morning light for our eating area. That way we could spend leisurely weekend mornings enjoying breakfast (or more likely brunch) in the sun. I was thinking we might get some window treatments, maybe some nice natural wooden ones for when the sun gets too bright or we want a bit of privacy, but I never got round to it, I might have to give that another think and get something sorted!

We love this set up that means we can enjoy the morning light when having breakfast in front of the big sash windows Yellow Feather Blog dining area tour

Our dining area is to the right of our front door when you walk in the flat. We used the corner to store our records in an IKEA Nornas unit (which they’ve sadly discontinued boo!) so that it’s easy to listen to and change records during dinner. The cubbies in the Nornas are the perfect size for storing vinyl records, and the storage box holds an iron and other less pretty things that need to be kept out of view – this flat has no non-kitchen cupboards so creative storage is a must!

Record corner and small antique rocking chair Yellow Feather Blog dining area tour

One corner of our dining area Yellow Feather Blog dining area tour

This corner features some of my fave quirky decor items, that huge tree branch I actually found on a walk on the Clifton Downs. I dragged it back to my car and drove it home, very carefully as the log is so long it literally touched both the windshield and boot window at the same time ha! I’ve wrapped it with copper wire fairy lights so it looks really pretty at night, the vintage glass demijohn is also filled with copper fairy lights.

Vintage window with shutters mirror Yellow Feather Blog dining area tour

This mirror is a vintage window with shutters that’s been upcycled into a mirror and painted in a distressed style with Annie Sloan chalk paint. I did want shutters like these for the windows, and a friend of mine recommended I look at plantation shutters, so I may do that in the future. I got the shutters for the mirror in an amazing second-hand shop in Wales which specialized in amazing Annie Sloan chalk paint techniques – they even teach classes.

The view of the dining area from the front door Yellow Feather Blog dining area tour

Our dining table is just an Ikea Ingo which everyone seems to have had at one point, personally I like how rustic it looks but it would also look good painted or stained. We’ve got 4 mismatched dining chairs that I’ve collected over the years, I couldn’t decide whether to paint them different colours or all uniform so they’ve ended up staying as they are. That door leads to our bathroom by the way.

The view from the front door Yellow Feather Blog dining area tour

As you can see the natural light in this area is amazing, it’s why I set up my three tiered plant stand here to give all my babies a good dose of sunlight.

Dining table in front of the original georgian sash window Yellow Feather Blog dining area tour

In the window I’ve hung vintage glass votives that I bought online years ago, the copper hanging planter is from Urban Outfitters you can get a similar one here.

Hanging votive in the sash window Yellow Feather Blog dining area tour.

The three tiered wooden plant stand is one of my fave quirky home decor items, I really enjoy playing around and styling it. In the past I’ve used it to hold barware and colourful glasses, but currently I’ve stripped it back to just plants and some wooden candle holders – I like the look of stocking it with natural materials. Having them in the window has really perked them up, they’re growing out of control now so I’m having to shuffle them around a lot to make sure they all still fit.

Three tiered plant stand home to succulents, candles and a spider plant Yellow Feather Blog dining area tour.

Styled multi tier plant stand Yellow Feather Blog dining area tour.

Our table’s pretty small so when we’re entertaining we often add a coffee table to the end to hold drinks, salad and extra plates so that there’s enough space to actually eat at the table. It’s a relaxing happy corner of our home though and my housemate and I often find ourselves sitting in a sun patch blogging.

Dining table Yellow Feather Blog dining area tour

And here’s the area in all it’s sun-drenched glory. That mini rocking chair is actually an antique I inherited from my grandma, I want to get it recovered someday.

The view from the lounge area Yellow Feather Blog dining area tour.

Flatlay coffee set up yellow feather blog dining room tour

I’ll be back soon with tours of the other areas of this flat, and then I can finally show you my new (current) home and share how I’ve managed to make living with a minimalist (without getting rid of all of my stuff) work.

See you soon!

Love, Sarah x

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