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My Girly Flat – Kitchen tour

April 8, 2018

As promised, and despite the fact that I’ve now moved in with a boy (hence the title ‘girly flat’) here’s the long overdue tour of my (old) kitchen. To see the before when we first moved in to the flat check out this post.

Kitchen tour yellow feather blog how we maximise space in our small galley kitchen

We faced several decor challenges with our kitchen. It’s a long narrow space with only one low window so the lighting isn’t ideal and we only have lower cabinets, one of which houses a dishwasher, so storage was an issue.

As renters, there weren’t many changes we could make to the room so we had to think vertically, utilising the wall space to maximum effect. Although, the number of times our dishwasher breaks has made me realise that when I get my own place I will need to purchase a home warranty plan. It will hopefully mean that the fixing process is quicker than when I contact the landlord. I have already looked for these plans online and found companies like First American ( who could be perfect for our coverage in the future.

Kitchen tour yellow feather blog this corner is where I store all my herbs and seasonings as well as utensils so they're easy to access when cooking at the stove

This corner to the left of the oven is where we house all the cooking utensils, oils, herbs and accompaniments you could need when cooking – it was so useful having everything so close to hand. The Le Creuset salt and pepper mill and utensil jar were gifts to go with my inherited Le Creuset enamel pans set. They add a nice pop of colour and really stand out against the green tile.

Kitchen tour yellow feather blog herbs and seasonings corner

The spice rack mounted on the wall saved valuable cabinet space, it’s just a cheapy Ikea one. We used a picture hook to hang a chopping board when not in use.

Kitchen tour yellow feather blog looking over our counter and sink

Directly to the right of the stove is our sink, with a low, wide window over it that looks across the back gardens of our neighbours. This kitchen is actually part of a two storey extension that was added to the house, the entrance to it is a large arch that used to house a bay window.

Kitchen tour yellow feather blog the view from my sink

I’m a big believer in having pretty things to look at while washing up, anything to make it a bit more enjoyable ha! We used the windowsill to house a variety of pretty vases, jugs and chinaware. They often sported flowers or were used when extra plates were needed for guests. Love serving delicate bites on pretty china!

Kitchen tour yellow feather blog we use our windowsill to store pretty vases and jugs

To the right of the window we were lucky to already have a metal shelf with hanging bar installed. We used that to store small appliances like a nutri-bullet and food processor.

Kitchen tour yellow feather blog we hung our copper utensils from this rail to save space

We used the bar to hang pretty and vintage utensils, our onions (we’re so French ;)) and mini silver buckets which house herbal teas, ginger and garlic.

Kitchen tour yellow feather blog to maximise storage we hung utensils from this rail along with buckets that hold teabags and garlic

This corner of the kitchen (ignore the unsightly boiler eek) houses my set of vintage Le Creuset pans. I actually got given these by my parents who no longer wanted them, they’re older than me!

Kitchen tour yellow feather blog this corner houses my vintage le creuset pans

Check out the precarious stack of cookware on top of the fridge, we tried to eek out every last inch of space hehe. That long colourful runner rug is an old Urban Outfitters purchase, ideal for a narrow space like this.

Kitchen tour yellow feather blog

To the right is a little nook with shelves in, this turned out to be so handy and acted as a mini pantry, storage for glassware and our extensive supply of cookbooks – which of course I arranged by colour.

Kitchen tour yellow feather blog this side of the kitchen features a handy nook which we use to store dried goods in jars, cook books and our collection of glasses

That wooden trolley is from Ikea, it fitted perfectly in the nook and housed all our glassware which definitely wouldn’t have fit anywhere else.

Kitchen tour yellow feather blog this handy nook acts as extra storage which is much needed

I decanted our dry goods including pulses, grains and her mixes into Kilner jars – I really love the rustic look plus I find having everything I need visible means I tend to use it more.

Kitchen tour yellow feather blog here you can see that we have a slight cook book obsession we also store our dried pulses and grains in kilner jars

The glass bauble is actually a vintage piece from my housemates mum, it fits perfectly in front of the red cookbooks. Speaking of cookbooks, we really need to thin down our collection ha!

Kithcen tour yellow feather blog close up of our cook book and dried goods storage

So that’s our kitchen. We’ve been really happy with how we’ve managed to maximise storage without making the space feel cluttered. We’ve injected our personality and a bit of colour into the space which makes me smile when I’m cooking or pottering around in there. I’ll be back soon to show you the rest of the flat.

Love, Sarah x

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