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My skincare routine

June 11, 2016

Yay my first beauty post! I thought it’d be good to share with you all my skin care routine and current favourite products. My mum instilled in me at a very young age the importance of taking care of your skin, and I’m so glad she did. I like to think that I have pretty good skin and I feel confident enough with it to not often wear foundation to work – yay extra five minutes in bed! Her constant reminders to cleanse, tone and moisturise mean over the years I have built up a pretty big arsenal of supplies. Here are my current faves:

Cleanse and tone

Cleanse and tone skincare routine yellow feather blog In the mornings I swear by this Garnier Pure Active Intense daily exfoliating scrub. I have combination skin which can be dry when it’s cold and then oily when it’s humid, luckily I don’t really suffer with breakouts unless I’ve been eating really badly. This scrub is light enough to be used daily but really works. It clears my pores and leaves my skin feeling noticeably softer.

I follow it up with the Body Shop’s hydrating vitamin E toner. I’ve used this brand of toner since I was a teenager and I love it, it has a nice subtle scent and really leaves my skin feeling refreshed. As you can see a little goes a long way, this toner has now undergone a rebrand so looks different in the store. Laroch Posay my skin care routine Yellow Feather blog In the evenings I cleanse my skin with LaRoche Posay micellar water, after reading an article about the benefits of micellar water I treated myself to this. I must say I’m a huge fan. Not only does it take off makeup, it really leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. You apply this with a cotton pad and then leave it to sink in. I generally don’t tone after using this, just because I love how it makes my skin feel, so just follow it up with my night cream.


Clinique day cream skincare routine yellow feather blog I never used to buy premium skin care, and to this day I still love the £1.99 Nivea moisturiser. However, just last winter my mum bought some Clinique products and got a free gift bundle of miniatures. Being the great mum she is she gave me the miniatures and ever since I’ve been hooked. For my 25th birthday in January I decided it was time to really invest in my face so I treated myself to the Clinique moisture surge intense moisturiser. I love it, it really does leave my skin feeling fresher and hydrated.

You can actually apply this over makeup during the day if your skin feels dry, or use as a 5 minute intense face mask. I find that as it’s for dryer skin a little goes a long way and I have to give it a little while to sink in before applying makeup.

On top of that we have the Clinique all about eyes eye cream miniature. I found that when I turned 25 dark circles suddenly seemed to be an issue, don’t get me wrong I’ve always had bags but suddenly if I’d had a heavy night I’d wake up with really dark, sunken looking eyes. This cream is great as a little treat, I tend to use it to relieve my eyes if I’ve worn heavy eye makeup. You can use day and night but I prefer to use it as a night cream and really apply enough to sooth my eyes. Night cream skincare routine yellow feather blog This is my night cream – hello Clinique addict, I swear they’re not sponsoring this post. This is the Clinique moisture surge overnight mask, the night version of my day cream. Boy do I love this night cream! Again a little goes a long way but it feels so luxurious on the skin, meaning I wake up with silky hydrated skin.

Topping up

Body Shop Vitamin E mist my skincare routine Yellow Feather blog Throughout the day we all need a little skin refreshment, this Body Shop vitamin E hydrating face mist is another Body Shop product I’ve loved for years. It has a lovely scent and feels so nice on the skin.

Designed to be sprayed onto your face (spray above you and tilt your head back for a softer approach) to instantly refresh tired skin. It’s meant to hydrate you and on hot summer days I always have this in my handbag. It can be applied over makeup and even used to set makeup! A lovely way to treat your skin throughout the day.

So there you have it, my fave skincare products. Do you have any tried and tested favs?

Love, Sarah x

Please note that some products are affiliate links which means if you purchase them I receive a small commission to help cover the upkeep of the blog. Don’t worry I only link to products that I use and love.

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