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My new flat – before tour

September 17, 2016

So I am officially in, and with a long-overdue internet connection yay!

It’s been a relatively long, arduous process to move all my stuff over to the new place and I still have a few car full’s to get, moral of this story – I have waaaay too much stuff and seriously need to KonMari the hell outta my possessions.

That being said, I have to admit that I have been so impressed with how professional my real estate agent has been throughout the entire process of my move.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peek at how my place looked on moving day, pre the chaos of tonnes of badly packed boxes being moved in. I am unpacking and constantly re-arranging things so stay tuned in the coming weeks for room reveals.

Also, apologies in advance for the bad photos, they were taken quickly when I was equal parts excited, terrified and sweaty – yet again I picked one of the hottest days to move!

entrance hall yellow feather blog home tour

This is my hallway, so if you come in the front door and look left this is the sight that greets you, it’s good that it has high windows into my bedroom (the door on the right) to stop it feeling dark and dingy.

If you follow this to the left then there is a wider, mini hallway with a weirdly low ceiling that leads into my living room…

hallway yellow feather blog home tour

Love that I got free mirrors and a vase of sticks ha!

living room bay window yellow feather blog home tour

This is my beautiful living room, it’s the room that I fell in love with straight away and the reason I wanted this flat so badly. Just look at those windows, the amazing light, the super high ceilings, the cornicing ahh be still me beating heart. I have always loved traditional, old houses so moving from my modern old high-rise flat to this historic, characterful beauty was ideal. The big bay window is where I will set up my dining area and to the left in the corner will be my desk AKA Yellow Feather HQ.ย 

living room yellow feather blog home tour

Here’s my fireplace which I have already filled with candles, and another free mirror yay! I will have my TV and vinyl player on a stand to the left and the sofa will be facing this, effectively separating the living part of the room from the desk area. I’m not a huge fan of the red but as a renter I just have to embrace it. living room fireplace yellow feather blog home tour

Just look at those beautiful ceilings!

my fancy new ceiling with coving yellow feather blog home tour

My bedroom is also light an airy, it’s painted quite a dark yellow colour but thankfully the light streaming in from the huge window brightens it up. I have a built in wardrobe in here thankfully, and room for a bed, bedside table, mirror and chest of drawers without it feeling too cramped.

my new bedroom window yellow feather blog home tour

This nook is where I’ve placed my bed.

my bedroom yellow feather blog home tour

My kitchen is right opposite the front door, it’s painted a really cheerful bright green with lovely new greyish wood-style vinyl flooring and cream units with grey counters and tiles. As you can see this room also has a huge window, the reason I love this flat so much is thanks thanks to the huge windows it always feels light and airy.

my kitchen yellow feather blog home tour kitchen and oven yellow feather blog home tour kitchen sink yellow feather blog home tour

I haven’t taken pictures of the bathroom because that room isn’t so light and airy and I haven’t quite mastered getting pictures of it that aren’t so dark that you can’t see anything. Will work on that though and show a room reveal, spoiler alert it looks like the toiletries section of Boots #girlhouse ha!

So there you have it, I’m excited to make this place my own and be able to finally decorate exactly as I want without having to be conscious of making it boyfriend friendly. I’ve already hosted my first girly dance and wine party so I think I can officially say I’ve moved in.ย 

If you have any top tips of renter-friendly ways to decorate a girly flat let me know in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

Love, Sarah x

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