• Close up of some of the artwork on the gallery wall, marbled print, bitches build empire quote and other colourful and inspiring postcards

    Bits & Pieces: Study inspiration wall

    March 30, 2016

    Our spare room is a bit of a no-mans lands in term of decorating. Does anyone else have this problem? Our living/dining area is very much coming together, our new kitchen is being installed in May, we have a vision for how we want our bedroom so the spare room has kind of been ignored.…

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  • Mint green, coral and blue row of painted houses in Kingsdown Brisol

    Beautiful Bristol: Colourful painted houses

    March 28, 2016

    Recently I’ve been taking advantage of the sunny days to take long walks around different parts of this beautiful city on the hunt for some colourful painted houses, and a full camera roll. These were all just shot with my iPhone and edited with the A Color Story app from A Beautiful Mess – I highly recommend it!…

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  • Bits & Pieces: 11 ways to add a touch of spring to your home decor

    March 16, 2016

    I think it’s official, Spring has sprung! Although there are still a few cold days in my neck of the woods and the ever present threat of the ‘white Easter’ keeps being banded about, I think the fact the daffodils are out in force means I can safely say that Spring is in the air…

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  • Decorative copper and wood ladder with copper wire hanging lamp

    DIY: Copper and wood decorative ladder tutorial

    March 6, 2016

    So firstly an apology, I am sorry I have been absent for so long. The truth is I have been job hunting and that has taken up a lot of my free time. But now, happily, I am soon due to start an awesome new job so my out of work hours can once again…

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  • Bedroom Design Inspiration: Mood board

    January 10, 2016

    New year, new goals and for us it’s time to plan the design of our interiors! With our living room half finished, a new kitchen and bathroom due to be installed and tonnes of other house decor jobs on the to do list I’ve decided to focus on getting one room finished at a time.…

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  • #2015BestNine

    January 3, 2016

    You may have seen your Instagram feed be taken over by #2015bestnine and 3×3 grids of people’s most liked photos. I did it and it was a great reminder of how big of a year this has been for me; I finally went travelling – something I’d been dreaming about since I was 16, moved…

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  • Bits & Pieces: Christmas 2015 via instagrams

    December 31, 2015

    I’m afraid I’ve been awfully lax over the last month so the Christmas content I had in mind unfortunately hasn’t happened. There’s been a lot going on in my personal life but thankfully it’s all sorted in time to enjoy ringing in the New Year. I’m looking forward to making new goals and planning fun things…

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  • My colour coordinated bookcase - over-accessories at the moment due to lack of shelves. With copper S and T letters - Yellow Feather Blog living room tour

    Home tour: The Living Room (work in progress)

    December 10, 2015

    I know, I know it’s December and has been for a while so where are the Christmas posts? Well I know that in blogland Christmas comes earlier each year – I swear I saw some tinsel in some Thanksgiving instas! But let me just squeeze one last post in before the festive season is fully…

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  • The finished autumn wreath will felt leaves and yarn wrapped hoop - yellow feather blog

    DIY: Autumn leaf wreath tutorial

    November 28, 2015

    Apologies for the unexpected blogging hiatus, my poor doggie unexpectedly passed away so I’ve had a difficult couple of weeks behind the scenes. Playing catch up now and trying to squeeze in one last autumnal craft before it gets full on festive fever over here.  So without further ado….craft your own Autumn wreath with felt…

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  • Our kitchen yellow feather blog home tour

    Home tour: Before

    November 12, 2015

    What with how much I bang on about making changes to and seasonally decorating my home it’s high time I gave you the tour. These are the ‘before’ photos taken on our 2nd viewing and then some from the day we exchanged. Actually I wasn’t here on the exchange date, I was in India at…

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