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Pinspiration: Urban Jungle Living

August 9, 2018

If any of you follow me on the Gram you’ll know that I’ve got a pretty bad house plant addiction. In my old flat, we had 30 plant babies before I decide that maaaaybe we’d reached capacity. In recent years I’ve been increasingly drawn to simple white wall interiors with tonnes of greenery and lots of mixed textures. Think boho rugs, distressed leather sofas, mismatched wood and plants on every surface.

The whole urban jungle trend has inspired my interiors over the past couple of years, here’s a look at some of my fave inspiration images as well as photos from my own homes to show you my take on it.

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I love hanging planters, and macrame is a great way to add texture to your space without going too overboard on the 70s vibes.

Great use of tea cups as plant pots

I’ve actually replanted an aloe cutting in a stoneware mug I didn’t use anymore, it looks so cute!

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thirsty thurs vibesâ?¨ i've wanted a bar cart for a couple of years now, but we just didn't have the room in our old apartment! so when weâ?¦

I love how good plants look in rustic terracotta pots or baskets, it instantly adds texture and warmth, plus the contrast between the vibrant orange and the green hues of the plants works so well against the cool white walls.

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I have a plant stand just like this and it’s become one of my favourite pieces of home decor. I love styling and rearranging it. Tiered plant stands are great for trailing plants such as Ivy or String of Hearts.

Love the vinyl storage and the terracotta plant pots make this set up look so rustic and boho. House plants and records are always a winner!

Ideal way to incorporate greenery into your home. Layer lots of houseplants along natural wooden furniture and white walls for a clean, modern and bohemian interior style.

Sideboards, nooks and windowsills are just made for plant collections! If you’re after great, low-maintenance houseplants then snake plants and succulents are always a good idea. Plants in windowsills will have to be watched closely to ensure they aren’t drying out or getting sunburned.

plant filled living room

Jungle Loft â?¨Houseplants galore in this grey and wood color themed living room.

This house is my absolute dream! I see it on Pinterest and IG all the time.

Good morning Epipremnum, rise and shine Philodendron, get up Sansevieria. Happy Sunday plant lovers! by @theplantydropperâ?¦

Le zéro déchet est un mode de vie qui nous tient à coeur et c'est pourquoi nous vous donnons aujourd'hui 10 astuces récup pour fortifier vos plantes.

And plants aren’t just for the living area, they look great in bedrooms too.

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I always love having a little plant buddy on my desk, storing them on bookshelves is a great way to keep them elevated – essential if you have pets or kids running around.

The monsteraâ??s growing and my fave corner is getting lusher and greener everyday ð??¿ð??¿ð??¿ now to install a shelf to hold even more plant babies! ð??±ð??±ð??±

Happy #monsteramonday! This guy is much happier now weve put him in a new pot I cant believe how tall hes getting

This was my favourite corner of my old flat, it housed our monstera which as you can kinda see from these two pics, grew fast. We also had spider plants, palms and a lot of aloes.

Pro tip: If you sneak in an astronaut themed wine bottle to your candle/houseplant vignette, your minimalist but geeky partner may not notice just how many candles and plants you have ð??? #notaminimalist #planthoarder . . . . . . . . . . #urbanjunglebloggers #abmathome #acolorstory #dslooking #abmplantlady #myhappyplace #myhappyhome #myhome #insidemyhome #vignette #aloe #stringofhearts #candleaddict #ihavethisthingwithplants #crazyplantlady #houseplantsofinstagram #houseplantclub #houseplantlover

The string of hearts is such a great houseplant. I’d never had one before but it’s low maintenance and grows really quickly so it makes a beautiful impact in the room.

My plant babies looking all happy in the snowy light . . . . . #abmplantlady #mybristolhome #acolorstory #nofilter #winterlight #nestandthrive #winterwonderlens #abreathofwhitespace #seasonspoetry #botanical #urbanjunglebloggers #natureonthepage #simpleandstill #awakethelight #tinytinymoments #plantsofinstagram #plantbabies #bohemiandecor #succulentcity #botanicalwomen #ihavethisthingwithplants #plantlove #instaplant #houseplantclub #houseplantlove #botanicalstyling #girlswithplants #plan

Here’s my plant stand as it used to be styled in my living area.

The other half of our #plantshelf it took all my restraint to keep it this minimalist The poor spider plant is struggling in this heat and the aloe was grown from a small cutting so despite being bedraggled Im pretty pleased with how big its getting.

The shelf finally got hung! We got this beautiful bit of reclaimed wood from @bristolwrp and after a thorough sanding oiling and a final wax shes sitting pretty housing yet more plant babies.

And here’s how we styled a rustic wooden shelf in my old flat. I kept it fairly minimalist (for me anyway) and instead focused on just a few pretty plants in mismatched containers.

Yellow feather blog urban jungle living aloe succulent in teacup

This is the little guy I mentioned above. I grew it from a cutting and repotted into an old stoneware mug I didn’t use anymore. It’s grown so big, although it’s a tad bedraggled. This poor aloe often gets hacked for fresh aloe juice and pulp which I use sometimes in my skincare. The brown ends are a sign that I overwatered it in the past, something I’m much hotter about now.

yellow feather blog urban jungle living

And this is how I’ve currently got my plant stand styled. This is in a corner of my bedroom and I love how the green pops against the white walls. As well as plants it plays host to some candles, a fairy light filled gin bottle and a pretty vintage glass bottle.

yellow feather blog urban jungle living house plant addict

How do you feel about house plants? Do you hoard them like me or are you worried they’re too much to take care of? Let me know below. 🙂

For more urban jungle living inspiration check out my board below.

Love, Sarah x

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