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September Papergang stationery subscription box unboxing

October 3, 2016

With it being the start of a new month month (how is it already October ah?!) I’m assuming everyone’s got their September Papergang stationary subscription boxes so I won’t be spoiling anything?

This months theme was Ombre and just look how pretty the box is. Here’s a peek at what was in mine. 
September Papergang stationery subscription box unboxing

I receive 2 cute cards, I love the Hedgehugging one, a funny motivational post-it note pad, a cute colourful sheet of wrapping paper covered in illustrations of animals in party hats, a neon yellow ombre October calendar and a My Week planner. fun stationery greetings cards, post-it notes and planner from September's ombre themed Papergang stationery subscription box from Oh Deer

I love the cute monthly calendars that are in the boxes, these are perfect for scrapbooks or sticking in to a notebook or bullet journal. I prop mine against my computer so that I can always see at a glance what day each date falls on.

Cute cards, funny post it notes and neon orange ombre watercolour calendar from Septembers Papergang stationery subscription boxThe wrapping paper is so fun and colourful, and totally something one of my friends would adore!
Cute wrapping paper and my week planner from September Papergang stationery Subscription box

The My Week planner is awesome as it comes in a plastic case which not only protects it from water (or tea) damage, but it has a zipped compartment at the back for keeping tickets, stubs, receipts or little mementos. Ideal if you’re a memory hoarder like me!
Inside the My Week planner from Septembers Papergang subscription box from Oh Deer

As you can see it comes with blank spaces for every day of the week, and it’s not dated which is great for if you like to plan your year from the non-standard Academic or Jan – Dec versions. It also means that if you have quiet weeks you can just skip them and not waste pages. Each daily slot also has a section for all of your appointments. Although it won’t replace my bullet journal I can certainly see this planner coming in handy, maybe for work hmm.

Close up of the My Week planner from Septembers Papergang subscription box from Oh Deer

Are any of you #Papergangsta’s? What did your boxes contain?

Love, Sarah x

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