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Travel Tuesday: Bullet Journal travel planning spreads

October 30, 2018

I’ve teased that I have a big trip coming up in 2019 so I thought I’d share a little more about my travel plans, and how I’m using my bullet journal to keep track of important details. If you’re a bullet journal fan and looking for fun spreads for travel planning then maybe this will give you a bit of inspo.

First things first, where am I going? Well, I’m heading to South East Asia for a few months. Whilst I’ve travelled to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos before, this time I’m going further south. I’m going to spend a month in Bali (the maximum time you can spend there without getting a visa) doing lots of yoga, meditation and soul-cleansing, obviously with a healthy dose of partying thrown in the mix too haha!

bullet journal travel map spread yellow feather blogThen I’ll be heading to Borneo to hang out with some Orangutans before moving on to The Philippines for a few weeks of Island hopping. Finally, I’ll end up in Malaysia, hitting all the shops in Kuala Lumpur stocking up on cold weather clothes ready for….. New Zealand.

travel tuesday bullet journal travel planning spreads yellow feather blogThat’s right, I’m heading to New Zealand. I’ve got a Working Holiday Visa which is a pretty straightforward one to apply for if you’re under 30 and from a Commonwealth country. This visa means that I can stay in New Zealand for up to 12 months and work, study and travel whilst there. I’m excited but also terrified! It’s also typical that I’ll be arriving in May, as New Zealand heads towards its winter, so the SE Asia shorts and bikini’s will need to be replaced with thermals and scarves.

bullet journal map spread yellow feather blog

On the second page I’ve left lots of blank space for various trackers, so far I’ve just got one for my vaccines which are all done now. I might use this place to keep packing lists and checklists of things I need to buy. If you have any ideas of good travel planning trackers let me know in the comments. 🙂

I’ll keep you updated as my planning progresses along with some of the exciting adventures I’ve got planned. I’m pretty excited to be exiting the harsh South West winter a little early next year, even if it won’t feel real until I’m on the plane.

Love, Sarah x

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